Microsoft-Young Bangla Start-up Fund marks a new beginning

The transformation of Bangladesh into a Digital Bangladesh is more than a dream that once Bangladesh set as a target. Today’s Bangladesh ensures comprehensive use of Information Technologies (IT) for management, administration and governance to ensure transparency, accountability and answerability at all levels of society and state.

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30 youth organizations win Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017

It took six months, eight divisional meetings, 70 activations in 40 districts and campuses, 100 field visits and 1,300 applications and one grand ceremony. Finally, Young Bangla has given 50 youth-led organizations from around the much-anticipated Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017.

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Inauguration Ceremony of JBYA 2017

Wheel of time rolled over to another phase and added some more dots Young Bangla’s motto ‘connecting the dots’. Nearly four month long process of Joy Bangla Youth Award reached to a new phase through the inauguration event at Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre, Savar on 20th October 2017. From total 50 nominated organizations, top – 30 were given award today at the program.

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Day 1 of Joy Bangla Youth Award giving ceremony: JBYA finalists meet Young Bangla

On 19th October, the three-day long ceremony of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017 started with the introductory meet with the top 50 finalists. The event started with the finalists introducing themselves. Then they were briefed about the journey of Young Bangla, how the platform came to life and what it has been doing since the inception. The participants were asked to define Young Bangla in a word and they described it as a platform, victory, inspiration, nourishment and guardian.

In the next session, Young Bangla officials stated the code of conduct of this residential event, briefed about the main sessions of the two-day event, roles and responsibilities of the participants. The participants were also briefed on how Young Bangla is going to scale-up the organizations through its activities.

In the final session, one of the organizers of Young Bangla Mr. Nahim Razzaq MP, Mr. Razee Mohammad Fakhrul and Dr. Enamur Rahman MP welcome speech describing Young Bangla, the dream accelerating it and its relation with achieving Vision 2021 and Vision 2041.

Mr. Razee Mohammad Fakhrul MP, in his short speech, gave a picture of Young Bangla’s inception. Parliament member Dr. Enamur Rahman lauded the works of these youngsters and thanked them for their contribution to the society. Mr Nahim Razzaq MP described Young Bangla’s goal to connect every youth of Bangladesh who are braving the odds for the betterment of their community.

The meet ended with a reminder to start the next day early and followed by dinner.

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A four-month journey culminates into one grand ceremony

After a nearly four-month long process of registration, activation, and scrutiny of over 1,300 applications, Young Bangla has finally come down to a list of 50 finalists for the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017.

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Congratulations to selected top 50 organizations for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017!

Preparations are underway for ceremony of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017. Through a comprehensive search over four and a half month, Young Bangla, this time, has found out 50 new youth led organizations. Here is the list of our top 50 organizations.

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Registration ends with 1,300 applications

Young Bangla, one of the biggest youth platforms in Bangladesh, has successfully finished the three-and-a-half-month registration phase of the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017. 

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JBYA 2017: Activation phase of registration completed

Young Bangla, one of the biggest platforms for the youth in Bangladesh, has successfully finished the activation phase of the registration process for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017 (JBYA 2017).

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Divisional Meeting at Chittagong

Preparatory activities for the upcoming second edition of Joy Bangla Youth Award is going in full swing. Two rounds of divisional meetings – one of the most important pre-event activities – have already been complete. Starting May 20, several teams of Young Bangla, organizers of the award, have simultaneously finished visiting the divisional cities of Rangpur, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna and Barisal.

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JBYA 2017 Divisional Meeting at Rangpur

Young Bangla has officially begun its journey toward this year’s Joy Bangla Youth Award, organizing its first Divisional Meet at Rangpur, on 21st May, 2017, at the Jela Parishad conference hall.

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