I Positive: Bringing positive changes in society

‘I Positive’ – the name has a touch of uniqueness as well as a strong vibe around it. The idea behind it is a very simple one though – we need positive thinking people to bring positive changes in society.

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Realizing the dream of the most vulnerable

Youth of Bangladesh are known for their sacrifice and enthusiasm for social service. There has never been any shortage of dreamer cum activist in our society.

Zahir Iqbal grew up listening to the stories of the liberation war of 1971. Therefore, he always felt deep love for the country and pondered about how to do something for the country and people from his childhood. 

He started providing free education to the street children in his college campus back in 2009. Zahir says, “we went on with facilitating free education programs for the street and underprivileged children”. He received huge response from the society and number of students increased to 300 within a very short span of time.

The journey of Shopno Dakho Social Welfare Organisation started officially on March 28, 2013 in two small rooms of Khorki in Jessore. The members of Shopno Dekho initially carried the office rent and other expenses.

The have commenced various programs under 11 broad sectors (evoking the historic 11 sectors of the 1971 war of independence) namely – Shopno Dakho School for Disabled and Rehabilitation Center, Computer Projonmo Bivag, Muktijuddho Janar Juddho, Shopno Dakho Gano-Pathagar, Samaj-seba Unnayan Bivag, Abacus Computer and Training Center, Shopnobuni Handicrafts, Khadyo o Krishi Bivag, Jonakir Mela Pathshala, and Michael Modhusudan Debate Federation for the development of helpless, disabled, women, children, and youth. 

The organization have been working relentlessly, distributing winter clothes, education materials, providing basic education, training on drawing and recitation, relief camps, campaigning on health and sanitation in different parts of Jessore district. So far they have supported 21 physically-challenged children and organised debate competitions in 87 educational institutions. Currently, it has over 100 active members who are working tirelessly in different programmes.

Zahir also coordinates the operation of thirty-eight Sheikh Russel Digital Labs (SRDL) in Jessore district, a project launched by ICT Division.

Besides, its regular social welfare activities, Shopno Dakho also works for the development of nature and environment. The members of the organization have been organizing various activities including tree plantation programme, fisheries release, and cleanliness drive under Garbage Recycling Project taken by the organization. 

Shopno Dakho Social Welfare Organisation has been awarded with Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017 for its contributions in building an inclusive and just society.

Zahir Iqbal in his immediate response after receiving the award said, recognition of their work by a platform like Young Bangla will inspire him and his co-workers to work with more dedication in future. “This award is not for the organisation but for those who tirelessly work to build the society each day,” he added.

With a meticulously drafted future plan, the organization now looks forward to work with the large Young Bangla network and serve the vulnerable communities in more effective manner.

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BYS: Standing beside Women

Once a woman was abandoned by her husband. Her fault was that the baby she was carrying in the womb happened to be a girl. Such a nonsensical action from an adult shocked Fayez Belal, a college goer in the city of Barisal. He stood beside that devastated lady by arranging financial, social and psychological support. The incidence was an eye-open for him and his friends.

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Model Livestock: Promoting sustainable employment and entrepreneurship

It’s amazing how a little foresight and the courage to step off track can make a lot of difference to a person’s life; and even more amazing is how this impacts an individual and the society.

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Theatre Murarichand: Rekindling the Spirit of 1971

Cultural activism has always played an integral role in Bangalees’ long quest for freedom. When the gallant freedom fighters fighting in the battlefield to uproot the Pakistan army, a group of musicians, artists and authors were busy on another front, waging a cultural war.

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BRAVE: Pioneers of AV-based learning in Bangladesh

It’s been quite a while that the world has moved towards audiovisual learning methods, and Bangladesh is only beginning to put that method into practice. A number of online groups have already begun to develop audiovisual lessons. BRAVE – Be Related to Audiovisual Education – a voluntary online group based in Chandpur district, is one of the pioneers.

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Cricket on Wheels

People very rarely imagined that persons with disability can play competitive outdoor games in Bangladesh. Some youths have proved through wheelchair cricket that this is possible.

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Rangatungi United Women Football Academy: Girls Showing the Ways

A group of girls changing the community life of a village through playing football – sounds quite sensational nevertheless a reality in a village called Rangatungi. It was like any other northern village of Bangladesh – calm and quite. Only boys used to play on the village ground which Hanna Hamrom, a young Santal girl at her early teen, could not take for granted.

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Kanudaskathi: Bringing hope for people with disabilities

Bablu was an energetic young man, who was a trained electrician by profession, went to Saudi Arabia in search of fortune in 2003 just like many other young men and women from Bangladesh, especially from the rural settings.

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SHOPNOKURI: Enlightening Tea Gardens

Born in a family of workers in a remote Moulvibazar tea garden, Bijoy experienced the bite of severe poverty as he grew up. When he was a child, education was a luxury for his mother, who earned a wage of Tk85 after a full day’s toil in the tea-garden, and his bicycle-mechanic father, who’s daily earning was almost similar.

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