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Young Bangla Divisional Meet: Barisal

Barisal is well known to everyone as granary of Bengal. Barisal city is situated on the KirtonkholaRiver, northern shore of Bay of Bengal in southern Bangladesh. It is also called Venice of Bangla. In this city BrojomohunCollege (B.M.) upholds legacy in education being one of the oldest educational institutes of Bangladesh. Unlike other days, 7th February’15 was quite different at BM College. The whole college compound was covered with colorful festoons, banners and posters bearing different messages. Beautiful compound decoration brought festive mood in the college. Certainly, one of the biggest youth gatherings at Barisal division hasbegun at 4.00 pmBM college field. Young Bangla Divisional Meet-Barisal brought this massive youth gathering with many colors. After two consecutivesuccessful programs at Chittagong and Sylhet, Young Bangla Divisional meet Barisal kicked off at BM College field on 7th February’15. To enter in the main venue registration for Young Bangla is a basic rule. Registration booth opened at 1.30 PM. Curious youth and students were standing in a big row to get register for Young Bangla membership and get into the venue. Soon the yard in front of stage was overcrowded. A total number of2681participantswere registered for this divisional meet.

Crowd at Joy Bangla Concert, Army Stadium.

Crowd at Joy Bangla Concert, Army Stadium.

Inquisitiveness, liveliness, good-humored among the youth faces fetched lights into the main program of young Bangla divisional meet. The main program was started at 4.00 pm with our national anthem. Also everyone stood up and remained silent for two minutes who have lost their lives in recent terrorist approach of a political party. Later on Mr. NahimRazzaq, MP graced the stage and welcomed everyone to Young Bangla’s platform. In his brief speech, he showed his gratitude to all the people of Barisal especially to local youngsters who are working relentlessly and silently for Barisal. He also explained the urgency of a national youth platform. According to Mr. NahimRazzaq, MP, “Young Bangla is such a platform which will recognize the achievers, facilitate theirs potentials and connect them with established entrepreneurial spirit”. He added, in order to positioning Bangladesh towards the world young generation needs towork as engine of growth.After his speech, General Secretary of Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF), one of the strategic partners of Young Bangla,came on the stage and shared insights of previous activities of Young Bangla. As per the program outline, crowd watched inspiring Theme song, Audio Visual, National Coordination meeting documentary of Young Bangla respectively. Then the floor was open to all for questions, feedback or comments from youth. Taking the floor Imran Hossain, a student of BM College said,“If strong unity begins among youth, nothing will stop them to achieve their goals. To me Young Bangla isa platform which can unite all the youth of Bangladesh to achieve VISION 2021”.
After that General Secretary of Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh, ArifRaihanMahi came on the stage to present innovation showcasing. Four projects have been showcased. Mr. Mahi introduced the innovators of the project one by one.AdidAlom is one of the innovators. HugeCrowd saw that AdidAlom,a college student invented‘Pioneer Robot’ which can help people for safe driving.

Conversely, the stage program was not the only attraction for the youth. Besides these, Vision 2021 internship program and Joy Bangla Youth Award perhaps the heart of this divisional meet. A big flow of local achievers visited the Joy Bangla Youth Award Screening tent. They submitted their stories. Some of them were also interviewed about their brilliant initiatives. While giving interviews,NanditaRahman from ‘MEGHER CHOA HOSTOSHILPO’said,“I consider myself as one of the local heroes. Because I provide training to Common Gender and Prostitute for transforming their lives and reconnect them into mainstream.”A total number of 148 success stories have been submitted for the Joy Bangla Youth Award.
Perhaps Vision 2021 internship zone was the hot spot for young people and students. Students were curious to know more about it. Responsible peoplereplied their queries. It needs to say that, Vision 2021 internship program is bringing unique opportunity for the students. In this program students will get opportunity to get internshipat government ministries. Students submitted their CVs with countless hope. After submitting CV, students of BM College told, “for the first time I am submitting my CV. I am super excited.He added internship opportunity with government ministries will be diffidently a life time experiences for the students”.A total number of 124 CVs has been dropped for the Vision 2021 internship program.
While these two booths were stuffed, others were sitting in front of the stage. They were listening to local achievers’ success story. A2I entrepreneurs, representatives of Barisal Youth Society, Human Shade, EkattorerChetona, RahatulAshekeen, RYC National Youth Ambassador from Dept. of Youth Development under Ministry of Youth and Sports from Barisal, Barisal Debating Society and MashikLaalShobuj organizations shared their stories respectively. ShahanurRahman, Executive director of LaalSobuj is only 18 years old. He considers his organization is one of the potential entrants for Joy Bangla Youth Award program. He added, “We have been working with children for four years. We provide trainings on Children Journalism. We distribute clothes to winter affected people. We also teach kids in innovative way.” He was asked why he is doing voluntary works. He replied back,“these works are my sources of happiness.Iam feeling so proud of sharing my organization’s story in front of more than three thousands crowd. I highly appreciate Young Bangla’s initiative of recognizing local achievers”.
After hearing stories, people of Barisal gave big round of claps to the local heroes. Many of them were whispering that they never knew such beautiful works is happening in their city silently. Young Bangla’s objectives perhaps well met in Barisal Divisional Meet as this platform want to showcase story of the achievers. The program was concluded with the mind-blowing cultural functions as well as local and national band performance. This was not the end Young Bangla initiatives at Barisal. In fact it was the instigation of a national platform in divisional level.