Joy Bangla Youth Award Winners: Saga of Untold Youth Spirit
May 25, 2015
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July 27, 2015
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JBYA Ceremony: Accord, Linkages and Pledges

“My Joy Bangla is to ensure electricity and fuel to each and every house of Bangladesh”, expressed the commitment to inspire the selected youth potentials by Mr. Nasrul Hamid, Bipu, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Power Energy andMineral Resources in his welcome address. _DSC7579He cited the historical speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman, ‘You will never be able to suppress us ’and the slogan, ‘Joy Bangla’ is not just a simple slogan but an inspiring spirit to develop the country. Acknowledging the contribution of youth martyr during our liberation war and language movement he said that today’s youth are the youth to construct a developed country and reminded the audiences, about the Honorable Prime Minister’s dream to declare Bangladesh as a middle income country. At the end of his speech he thanked to all distinguished guests, participants and recognized Mr. Sajeeb Wazed as ‘Symbol of Youth’.

Mr. Sabbir Bin Shams, Executive Director,2 Centre for Research and Information (CRI) said, “There is a politics in development which we want to reach”. He informed that Young Bangla has started its journey with a coordination meeting with the representation of 120 youth organization and a launching ceremony. The Young Bangla provided online and offline submission (through eight Divisional Meets) of youth unheard and unrecognized initiatives for Joy Bangla Youth Award and Internship for Vision 2021. Thus it received 1469 submissions only for Joy Bangla Youth Award.

_DSC7605“The objective of Young Bangla is to search different youth initiatives who are working in different places of Bangladesh and to connect these dots under one common platform although the other objectives are to showcase their initiatives, establish network, linkage and mentoring”, said Mr. Nahim Razzak MP and convener, Young Bangla. He urged to different participating distinguished government, non-government and private organizations representatives to search opportunity in their concerned/relevant departments and to link these youth potentials to patronize their initiatives.

Shared Emotion, Experience or Challenges by the Awardees

I was encouraged alone and initiated first.
I was a victim of domestic violence. Now I encouraged and engaged many deprived women, girls and children and working together’.-Lovely Begum, Tajhat, Rangpur
‘I established an organization for disable development. We provided training, started fish culturing, cultivating banana then found that disables are differently able, some of them can draw nice picture, sing, read and write we established a school with my one finance with other member of the organization for these neglected group of the society in 2012. They should not be neglected rather mainstreamed in the society.. I hope with the support of Young Bangla our initiatives will go ahead successfully’. – Md. Nuruzzaman Bablu, Kanudaskathi Protibondi Unnayan Foundation, Barisal 5
‘The award is not the important thing. The important is to have recognition of a work. The programme has proved that if one works hard and sincerely, s/he must be recognized any how….I found that many of the girls were dropping out from the school just after completion of SSC or HSC due to poverty and were searching jobs. I thought why we are searching a job rather we can create job. Accordingly I managed training for them from the Youth Development Programme and thus I became successful to create opportunity of self-employment’.- Hira Mukta Begum, Shuktara, Khulna  6
‘I have seen many of the orphans are neglected,… I am also an orphan, I do not have both the parents and I was also neglected in different ways… I decided to work with them so that no one can neglect them and established  the Mitha Puku Etim foundation’.– Faridul Islam Farid, Mitha Pukur Etim Unnayan Foundation, Rangpur 7
‘I am sacrificing this award today to all of them who are in different part of Bangladesh and also them who are here but did not receive the award and to them who were with us during our happiness and crisis. In our locality number of drug addicted people and businessmen are high. Besides early marriage was also high. So we went through a contract with their parents to send them school…we are supplying education materials and helping them to continue their education’- Kumar Biswajit Barman, Ashar Alo Pathshala, Kurigram 8
 ‘I am pleased to be here…we trained such girls who did not even have idea about the function of mouse. But many of them now are successfully working and becoming self-employed on out sourcing the job. I request your wish so that I can take forward this’. -Farzana Khan Likhon, Digital Bangla, Khulna  likhon

Interest Shown by Policy Makers and Distinguished Figures

‘We will patronize the ‘Talking Devices for deaf’ since the speech of a deaf person and interpretation by sign language do not match with each-other’ Ms. Nasima Begum, Secretary, Ministry of Social Welfare 24
‘…..update the website so that we can pick the deserving youth. A2i is always there to help relevant initiative.’-  Mr. Abul Kalam Azad, Principal Secretary
We will provide different trainings to women’,-Meher Afroz, Chumki, Honorable State Minister, Ministry of Women and Children Affairs  26
‘We will provide training in every district definitely if there is strong commitment and desire among these youth’-Anwarul Karim, Director General, Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports Untitled-3
‘I will provide Taka 20,000 each for 6 awardees and nominees from my own district, Sunamganj’-Barrister M. Anamul Kabir Emon, District Administrator, Sunamganj _DSC7896
Kanu Das’s initiative has already been approved and passed to our finance department and hope it will be successful. We appreciate the Talking Device innovated for the deaf people’s communication.’-Mr. Gazi Nurul Kabir, Director General, Department of Social Services, Ministry of Social Welfare  _DSC7917
Suchinta Foundation will help the youth who have faith in the spirit of 71 and are working for developing a golden Bangladesh.-Mohammad A. Arafat, Chairman, Suchinta Foundation _DSC7949
55,000 youth will receive free training on freelancing. I would request to all those youth whose age are below 35 years to take the opportunity and use the Young Bangla Platform as their platform to express all their need.-Mr. Zunaid Ahmed Palak, State Minister, ICT Division, MoPTIT _DSC8160
Two young girls and two boys have conquered the Mount Everest. This achievement indicates a gender balanced situation which is necessary to develop a county. –Architect Yafes Osman, Minister, Ministry of Science & Technology  38
We noticed that, youth, today want to work for country. They have fabulous ideas, initiatives, and commitment which we hope to utilize for the development of our country and since then I and other founder expressed their interest to declare Joy Bangla Youth Award. _DSC7993

Shared Emotion, Experience or Challenges

‘We are like a symbol that sits upon a Bangla alphabet i.e. like we have to depend on other people for our disability, cannot move alone, completed my honors and will sit for masters. I was eager to meet Joy Bhai but could not manage due to my limitation. Young Bangla has given me the opportunity to meet him…appealing to him to help me to get a job’. – Afzal Hossain, owner Bhai Bhai Variety Store 34
‘I thank to Yong Bangla platform for giving me the opportunity to attend the programme and achieve the award. My Joy Bangla is not to search a job rather to generate job opportunity for others’. -Shariar Jahan Ripa _DSC8096
‘My occupation was a bus driver but I was keen to work for people in different way. So gave up the job as I could not manage time…the started to aware people on different issues through drama’.– Robiul Haque  _DSC8105
‘One conventional brail system that is available in the market cost at least about Taka 50,000-60,000 but our innovated one may cost only Taka 15,000 taka. If we can get financial support we could do better’. -Zakaria Haider, a student of Electrical Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and technology (BUET) _DSC8115
 ‘My innovated talking device can help to communicate easily and in a comprehensible way between a speaking and nonspeaking (deaf) person’. -Safayet Ahmed, Student, BSc in EEE safayet

Commitment & Solidarity


  • ‘We will engage youth in 64 e-shops that we are going to establish in each of the districts in association with the ICT Ministry’- Sadequa Hasan Shejuti, FSB/ADAG
  • ‘We will nominate youth from these selected awardees for Ten Young Outstanding Potentials (TYOP) award which is a global award every year. We are also expressing our interest to work with Young Bangla in every division’. -Mr. Amzad Hussain, Ex-President, Junior Chamber International (JCI), Bangladesh
  • We are offering to all the female winners to be a part of our ‘Microsoft Windows Team’. As a member, all of you will be the brand ambassador where I will work as your Advisor;
  • Secondly: Winners will get the opportunity to get training on Microsoft Apps and certificate at free of cost and opportunity to use widely the valid license of MS Office Bangladesh and

Thirdly: You will receive support on how all your initiatives can be transformed into appropriate technologies. Three years support of software at free of cost from the Asia Pacific and Region also will be provided to expand your business. You will have opportunity to expose in the whole world through advertisement and Lastly: since you are participating from seven divisions we are interested to have road show to search youth potentials who are contributing significantly to provide financial support from our ‘Biz spark’.-Ms. Sonia Bashir Kabir, MD, Microsoft Bangladesh

  • I congratulate all of you…it the commitment from our company that the future Bangladesh are looking at you…you are not alone in this journey. We are with you. Whatever you need we are ready to extend our support. ….It is our pleasure that I am presenting 30 gift vouchers for smart mobile phone on behalf of Amra Smart Solution and we are launching our product first through bestowing you for your experience with it. – Mr. Syed Farhad Ahmed, MD, Aamra Smart Solutions 
  • ‘NRB Global Bank is declaring a scheme of financial support and loan without collateral for you. Our aim is to support client not to be depend on a job rather to create job opportunity for others. So I am wondering at Afzal’s request for a job. I sanctioning BDT 50,000 for him today to extend his businesses’.– Mr. Nizam Chowdhury, Chairman, NRB Global Bank.
  • Bangladesh is in your hands. The ‘Golden Bangla of Bangabandhu’ is nicely protected in your hands and it is your responsibility to construct Bangladesh. …go ahead without any fear and hesitation….the Honorable Prime Minister is with your journey of progress. We will be with you with our little initiatives. …Lastly I would say when the stars like Bangabandhu is there, you have nothing to worry’– Ms. Tarana Halim, MP, Bangladesh Parliament

Concluding Remarks by Sajeeb Wazed

‘Joy Bangla’ is not only a slogan of Awami League but also of whole country….,

_DSC8317 it is a slogan of liberation now and forever… We anticipate building our country as a middle income one by 2021 and confident to make it a developed country by 2041. I strongly believe that only youth can help to take it forward. You know that my ‘Joy Bangla’ is to create ‘digital Bangladesh. With all of your support I am working for it. I appreciate that youth are not searching for a job today, rather creating job opportunity for themselves and for others, only depending on their own wishes and initiatives. So essential only is to extend our hands to inspire them and to make their path smooth way forward’

Accord between the Awardees and CRI

An Accord to Work Together was signed with each of the top 30 awardees to keep a link at least for next one year (the copy of accord in enclosed). The Accord included;Proceedings-of-JBYA_26

  1. The opportunity of work for these top 30 from the end of CRI-The section stated about a mutually supportive relationship between the awardee and CRI. It is expected to design their capacity building and linking them against any potential opportunity from the end of CRI. On the other hand it also said about the possible ways to seek support from the awardee.
  2. Expected roles from the Awardee- This section mainly expected to see the awardees to act asa youth ambassador, youth voice in local decision making process in public services and community development and to take part in information dissemination, self-monitoring their progress, sharing updates quarterly to CRI.
  • Termination of Contract- CRI reserves the rights to retract the award including financial endowment if it the recipient of the award is found to be involved with any anti-state activities or to group against sovereignty of the nation/values of our liberation.
  1. Ethical obligation- Here the main thing which is expected from the awardees is to work for their own local development, maintaining confidentiality if there is risk and avoid misuse of information.