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A Look into the power of change-makers Joy Bangla Youth Awardees, 2015

This segment seeks to focus the untold tales of struggles and successes of our Joy Bangla Youth Award winners and their promises towards uplifting the future of the country.  
On 2nd May 2015, 30 young achievers and other 30 young contributors received the award for contributing in different sectors and making difference in the society.

The award has been clustered into five categories respectively: Community Development, Social Inclusion and Empowerment, Cultural Activities, Entrepreneurship and Research and Innovation.

Community Development

Nazmul Haque, Sowing seeds for better future01-najmuj-haq-pathed
Najmul Haque, came up with the idea that traditional methods of cultivation are no longer suitable for current conditions. Modern methods of cultivation need to be introduced. He availed himself of the wisdom of agriculture from books and journals. Then he came up with recommendations to farmers accordingly and to convincing farmers about the importance of cultivation in modern ways. He initiated to set up semi-deep tube wells to support cultivation in 500-acre lands.


Mohammad Nazrul Islam Jony, Ayesha Esha Kashem Dada Adult Center02-md-nazmul-islam-jony
Under this organization, the devoted member took initiatives to eliminate illiteracy among adults and provide youths with technical skills. All the efforts are designed in line with the vision to offer training to adults on cultivation and to make them contribute into the society more skillfully. With assistance from Young Bangla, he availed the opportunity to work as Microsoft Brand Ambassador, in addition received Microsoft Computer Lab and entitled to work at Sheikh Russel Computer and Language Lab (SRCLL) project.

Suman Chandra Das, Nodi Vangon Rodh Porishod03-suman-chandra-das
A young boy of Bakerganj, he established the platform to save his locality from river erosion. Their effort is based on the spirit that the river may take away their land, but not their hope. Among several other initiatives, voluntary services are introduced for the victims of river erosion and to make the village council vocal for preventing river erosion until it gets the deserved attention from the authority. Other features include holding press conferences about river erosion, providing training on disaster preparedness while 18 houses have been reconstructed. He has been selected to work as a lab coordinator in the Sheikh Russel Computer and Language Lab (SRCLL) project.

Mohiuddin Kawser, Dhrupodi Poribar04-mohiuddin-kaiser
As many as six book fairs are organized while a round of dialogues were held during two local and national elections. As a regular social activity, they provide free treatment to the villagers through ‘Free Friday Clinic’ in every month. Apart from these, they are continuing tree plantation campaign in Habiganj over the last ten years. They have received media reach and general recognition for their grassroots level activities in the local level.

Jewel Rana, Youth Society for Environment and Development Organization

05-jewel-ranaHis organization works for the climate change and biodiversity preservation. Their goal is to ensure youth leadership need to be nurtured through promoting youth leadership in preserving biodiversity, history, heritage and nature. Preserving wildlife, weaving artificial nests for birds, feeding birds and awareness-raising campaigns, i.e. seminars and workshops for the youths are among other initiatives. Young Bangla platform has facilitated his organization to get the registration of the Ministry of Social Welfare and he got the opportunity to work at Sheikh Russel Computer and Language Lab (SRCLL) project.

Mohidur Rahman, Mohidur Rahman, Initiative for Society Heritage and Nature – Nishan

Trainings are offered to youths and teenagers with expectation to engage more youths to protect wildlife and nature.  As many as 750 wild animals have been preserved while an intensive awareness building campaign has been launched to inject a sense of care among 1500 youths for wildlife. Motivated by his works, people in his neighborhood have stood up firm to stop any illegal trading of wild life. Another key aspect of his work is his locality is becoming a sanctuary for birds.  Mohidur Rahman was entitled to the Sheikh Russel Computer and Language Lab (SRCLL) project due to his organization’s social work for preserving environment and preventing illegal wildlife trade in the locality.

H M Khairul Bashar, Social Unity for Nursing (SUN)07-h-m-khairul-bashar
H M Khairul Bashar has established Social Unity for Nursing (SUN) at the Gouripur Upazilla of Mymensingh to promote a safe world and to ensure equality of opportunity for all. Works are rolled out to eliminate racism and other discriminations from the society. Several campaigns have been waged for the prevention of child marriages, in addition computer trainings are provided among the youths. At the height of their works, 210 youths were trained, 2,000 trees were planted and libraries were set up in two villages. As part of another initiative, over 500 people received legal assistance services while more are queuing up to avail such services. In 2014,   a “JatraUtsab” has been arranged and celebrated, bringing in a new window for local people for their recreation and entertainment.

Lovely Khondoker08-lovely-khondoker

Lovely Khondoker a community facilitator works to put an end to all kinds of discrimination and social injustice that exists in her locality Rangpur. She intends to offer counseling to other women subjected to violence, to send child laborers to schools, stop violence against women and to put up her best to ensure her fellow women will be entitked to live a life with due rights and dignity.

Hira Mukta Begum, Shuktara09-hira-mukta-begum

Social dogmas never appeared as barrier in her way rather it helped her to remain more focused on where the gaps needed to be filled up. She upholds a voice for progressive womanhood in her locality, Khulna by his organizational activities through Shuktara. She has got entitlement with the several facilitations schemes of Young Bangla. She has been selected as Microsoft Brand Ambassador, received a complete Lab, also got the opportunity to work as data enumerator of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS)’s HIES project for 18 months. She also received the opportunity to be part of Young Bangla’s Bangladesh-China Youth Delegation team.

Social Inclusion and Empowerment

Nuruzzaman Bablu, Kanudaskathi Protibondhi Unnayan Songstha10-nuruzzaman-bablu

They intend to ensure that every differently abled person of Rajpur, Jhalokathi will be empowered so that they can be brought into the mainstream segment of the society. To this goal, schools are set up to equip such people with income generating skills. Facilitation assistance has been offered by Young Bangla platform to help his organization get a required fund from the Department of Social Welfare and from the Ministry of Youth and Sports. 95 differently able peopled benefitted in one way or another from his organization.

Bijoy Rudra Paul, Swapnakuri Social Welfare Agency11-bijoy-rudra-paul

Economic hardship persisted in his family but he did not relent. After over a decade’s hard work, he managed to set up a school in the community for the youths of the tea garden’s underprivileged community. Once could not manage fees required for appearing in SSC and HSC, he, braving the odds, pursued graduation form the best public university of this country. He introduces the ‘Shila Scholarship’ program and also runs a school owned by Swapnakuri, ‘Little Dhamai Ideal Academy’.

Mohon Robi Das, Enlightener In A Tea Garden12-mohon-robi-das

He lives with a dream that nobody in his community would be ill-fated like him to take two years to earn the fee required for appearing in Secondary School Certificate exams. To this goal, his organization has arranged several trainings, workshops and seminars regarding ‘Youth and ICT development’ and ‘Human Rights Development’ to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. Under Young Bangla-Microsoft initiative, a computer lab has been set up in his locality. Recently, he has been a part of a youth delegation that visited China

Kanjilal Roy Jibon, Envisioning A Society of Values and Education13-kanjilal-roy-jibon


A spirited student at the country’s bordering area of Nilphamari has created a space for those children who are interested in co-curricular activities. With the help of some like- minded youths, this platform has arranged debate competitions, organized quizzes, science fairs, essay competitions and many youth engagement activities. Till date, 2,200 students got involved in co-curricular activities while inspirations were infused among students in his locality to take part in national level competitions. At the height of his struggle, this youth has secured different awards. After getting enrolled in the country’s largest public university, he is now serving as a general secretary of a debate club

Abdur Rahim,IRA: No soul to lag behind in society14-abdur-rahim


Bringing in street children and youth from backward segments into mainstream, this initiative offered education and offered IT training for self-sufficiency. His organization arranges teaching segment for the street children three days per week and supplies educational materials every month. Meritorious students are provided with exam fees and while winter cloth distribution scheme brought fruition to a good number street children and to their families. Building on the successes under this initiative, a number of youths, in his locality, have formed several platforms to carry out similar activities in nearby areas.

K M Mashiur Rahman Songlap, Talent Science Club15-k-m-mashiur-rahman-songlap

“By understanding the philosophy of science and practicing it, students will be motivated to be more innovative and creative”, with this goal this platform is radiating lives within their locality.  His organization gives basic science ideas to primary students by introducing science projects, organizing science fairs and arranging science quizzes and essay competitions. A milestone has been set by making 400 primary-level students pro-science. Young Bangla platform assisted his organization to get registration with Ministry of Science and Technology.

Keshab Chandra Roy, The Dreamer: From Joldhaka to United Nations16-keshab-chandra-roy

Born in a very poor family, he had to manage his educational expenses by crafting with bamboos at the houses of other people and working at the shops of worn out goods. He was deeply moved by the fact that his cousin, forcedly married off at an early age, had become pregnant and died along with her child. Lest the same fate befall any other girl, he took the oath to stop child marriage.

Faridul Islam Farid, Mithapukur Orphans Development Foundation17-faridul-islam-farid

He himself was an orphan, facing various obstacles in life. Lest the same sufferings befall any other, he decided to stand beside orphans in his community. He offers scholarships to orphan students, distributes educational materials for free, arranges motivational workshops and free coaching for the needy people. Apart from helping the orphan his organization also works for the widow in his locality. He received the opportunity to work as center- coordinator at e-shop project of Young Bangla partner organization Amar Desh Amar gram (ADAG).

Kumar Bishwajit Barman, Ashar Alo Pathshala18-kumar-bishwajit-barman

He could well have been a student of a leading public university, where he secured admission, yet he stayed back in his local college to discharge his responsibilities towards his organization and community. His efforts has stopped about 700 child marriages and saved many teenagers and adults from the deadly claws of drug abuse in the northern district of Kurigram. Five years ago, as an 18-year-old boy, he established a school to provide them with free education and make them aware of the ills of child marriage and drug addiction. Despite facing threats from influential people, Barman pitted himself against these social evils, fought them with extraordinary courage and determination and held them to a standoff – all with the help of a few friends and local government officials.

Cultural Activities

Sukanto Gupta, Sruti19-sukanto-gupta

Sukanto Gupta, hailing from Old lane, Sylhet established Sruti aiming to spread the spirit and essence of the Liberation War of Bangladesh, rising  a call for self-awakening of the young generation to honour and preserve culture. ‘The procession of light’, ‘The procession of letters’ are the kind of activities ararnged by his culturtal organization. They also supervised children and yotuh to publish wall magazines quarterly


Anis Morshed, Anis Agro Limited20-anis-morshed

Anis Morshed has been successfully running a broiler and layer chicken farms for seven years. He came with the idea to utilize the poultry waste in producing biogas. Now 13 families in his community are receiving supplies from his farm while 100 more families have lined up. His farm consists of 1,300 layer chickens and he employs 15 youths as helping hands.

Shahriar Jahan Ripa21-shahriar-jahan-ripa

Born and brought up in a very poor family, she strives to be self-sufficient to manage her own educational expense as well supporting her family. She makes different dresses with block print and by crafting with her own hand, preserves and manufactures food for different festivals and shops Dresses she produce include shirt, three-piece, shawl, panjabi and bed-sheet.

Aziza Khairun Siji22-aziza-khairun-siji

A final year student of English in Khulna city, she initiated an enterprise to supply local and traditional food items both home and abroad with the help of internet. Self-funded, her initiative has now set the road for online food business, drawing a good of youths to popularize local food. With this business, come across money, ensuring empowerment of women. Now, funding is required for the expansion of the enterprise.

Afzal Hossain, Bhai Bhai Varieties Store23-afzal-hossain

Despite being born and raised at a family of all differently abled members, he pursued his graduation instead of opting to live up to the mercy of other people. He, along with, his brothers opened up a grocery shop to earn ends meet for their families. In this endavour, the feat that he had achieved will remain a source of motivation for other unemployed and differently abled youths.

Research and Innovation

 Shafayet Ahmed, Speak Up24-shafayet-ahmed

Shafayet Ahmed being an electronics engineer, devised out a communication system for persons with speech disabilities. With the help of this device, speech-impaired people will be able to share their thoughts with others. They only have to wear a gloves with sensors which interpret gestures into speech understandable to others. His device is known as ‘Speak Up’. He needs funding to do further research on cost-effective manufacturing of the system.

Mohammad Zakaria Haider25-mohammad-zakaria-haider

His organization has taken up an initiative for visually impaired people to have an easier education system. Those who can’t see now easily follow Braille Embosser method to write and carve his words. To this goal, the organization has taken several activities – further development of braille method, making robots for guiding them and coming up with easier mobile apps for the visually impaired. The braille embosser he innovated is bigger than the existing one. They are striving to make the braille of exact size and manufacture those at a very low price. For this, they need funding and assistance.

Md Mostofa Kamal26-md-mostofa-kamal

Kamal invented a spectacle which can help visually impaired people move on the street. The spectacle with camera and sensors can detect the position of objects within three meters and it gives signals to the person who is wearing it. It can be used in both day and night. The cost of making this device is around $ 25 which is thought to be within reach of most of the people.  He thinks that if it is manufactured commercially, the price would go down even more. He is looking for assistance and funding from public and private sources for making the device usable and commercial manufacturing   for visually impaired people.

Special Recognition:

Jhara Moni Biswas, a dedicated volunteer of Swapnakuri Social Welfare Organization from Muktagachha, Mymensingh,27-jhara-moni-biswas

This organization is working for the differently abled children. Through this organization, she is providing education and health services to the Children with Disabilities irrespective of their age, while an awareness campaign has been launched to educate the parents about the children’s healthcare. With the support of Young Bangla, she, among others, was also selected as a brand ambassador of “Windows Women” project of Microsoft Bangladesh and is currently working as a data enumerator in the Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) project of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Youth’s Voice Foundation, a Chittagong based organization,28-youths-voice-foundation

Run by a group of young enthusiasts, this foundation is providing education and creating awareness on menstruation hygiene among the street children. They also provide health services and run awareness campaign for a healthier life for the rickshaw pullers. As of now, around 1200 youths are working voluntarily for the foundation. A significant number of street children in the locality have received proper education and provided with basic health care facilities, thanks to the initiative, as envisaged and introduced by them. So far, their work has motivated a number of youths to stand for this cause, ushering in a new dawn in the lives of a good number of street children.

Youth Volunteer for Environment:29-youth-volunteer-for-environment

Founded by a band of courageous youth, this organization laid out a roadmap for protecting the environment and preserving wildlife. A group of young students from Chittagong University started off this organization with the vision of a youth society which is a well aware of dealing with climate change. They promote motivational programs for students through organizing Wall Magazines featuring Environmental Issues while an event titled “Raise Your Voice not the Sea Level” has been held every year in observance of the Environment Day.

Haridaspur Royal Technical School:30-haridaspur-royal-technical-school

A spirited youth, Atiar Rasul, is voluntarily running this school to provide the vocational education among school goers in Gopalganj. Dropout students are being facilitated towards self-employment, thanks to their training scheme on building up soft skills through outsourcing and other basic ICT knowledge. Right now total 360 dropouts are availing education from his school with free of cost. Alongside, Mr. Rasul, with the support of Young Bangla, is currently working as part-time construction observer of LGD in his area.

Gangachara Public Library:31-gangachara-public-library

To grow a sense of book reading habit among young generation, this initiative was envisaged and initiated by Md. Shakil Akbar, a student of Sylhet Shahajalal Science and Technology University. Now Akbar runs a community newspaper named “Dhrubotara” and organizes essay and book reading competition with the youth and children of GangacharaUpazila. Of late, the initiative has been expanded to set up a language club to help students master language skills both— English and Bangla. Alongside, a number of career talk events are organized to introduce the local youth with the successful entrepreneurs and personalities.

With Living Legends:32-with-living-legends

On a regular basis, materials are prepared and workshops are organized with a vision to building up a society where youths will pursue studies to know the untold stories about the history of Bangladesh. Under Vision 2021 internship scheme, as initiated by Young Bangla, a total of six members from this organization also got opportunity to pursue an internship with and avail the Service Engineering Training from Microsoft Bangladesh.

AkkhorGari: akkhorgari33-akkhorgari

With the volunteer support from the members, this platform works for the street children through providing education and offering services like study materials and fees. Students enrolled in pre-primary level are brought under their scheme in order to prepare and inspire them so that they can develop a strong interest in taking up their school education to the next level.  On impact, over 100 children, who were deprived of basic education, have now started going back to school, given that this initiative made their parents aware in making their child educated.

 Nobojagoron Foundation:34-nobojagoron-foundation

Dedicated towards the cause of changing the course of life for the marginal community people, this organization is run by a group of students from Rajshahi University. Concentrated efforts are put in place to bring in changes through education, health and cultural development of children and for the youths and adults of Dalit community. It also works to encourage the drop out children to go to school by organizing cultural engagement like teaching music, cartoon exhibition and playing sports together. Donation from adviser committee and selling books is the only financial source for the organization.


Being a lecturer of ICT in Dhaka College, Md. YasinTanver started this online school to make education more enjoyable and easier through digital platform to the children.  Along with him, a good number of animators, designers and programmers are working there to provide and prepare creative materials for the students. As of now, 190 video materials in Bangla language made for class 11 and 12 students.


Some spirited youths from Khansama Upazilla of Dinajpur studying in Dhaka University initiated this organization to create a path for the youths who are going to entering into the university. Their activities mainly include providing guidelines for the higher studies and arranging motivational session for the students of Khansama Upazilla. As of now, DUKUSS has provided 27 scholarships and taught around 365 students. Out of all, 41 students got chance in different public universities and 75 at National University as well as received assistances and services such as fund, books, admission form, travel expense and accommodation. After receiving the Joy Bangla Youth Award, DUKUSS has been actively participating in different programs of Young Bangla. 6 members of this organization have been selected as coordinators of E-shop centres of Amar Desh Amar Gram, partner of Young Bangla, at DinajpurUpazilla.

Rahat Hossain Pallab:37-rahat-hossain-pallab

With his members, he organizes blood group detection program at free of cost for the ultra-poor people from his area. He also teaches and offers scholarships to the children from poor community. Every month, IT seminars are organized for the local youth and, as of now, around 70 young people received the seminars. After receiving recognition from Young Bangla, he formed an organization named Social Organization and Youth Network to further continue his activities. E-shop, an initiative of Amar Desh Amar Gram, one of the partner organizations of Young Bangla, recently provided the opportunity to 17 members of this platform to work as coordinator of e-centers with the local entrepreneurs.

Uttor Khulna Unnayan Sangstha:38-uttor-khulna-unnayan-sangstha

Hailing from a remote area of Terokhoda Union of Khulna, the organizers organize cultural and debate competitions as well as counseling programs for the youth. Focus is laid out on bridging the gap between culture and knowledge in young minds. As of now, 500 poor students are given month scholarships which are arranged by organizing quiz and workshops. With the support of Young Bangla, one of the members of this organization is now working in HIES project of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

S.H Farhad:


An entrepreneur from Bhaluka, Mymensingh, he produces agricultural products like organic fruits and vegetables. He mainly supplies the products to the local villagers while the small enterprises, in local market, banks on the fresh fruits that he usually brings in the market. His tale of success has appeared as a glow of hope for many youths in his locality. In addition, this enterprise has opened up a new horizon in creating employment opportunities for the unemployed. Riding on this initiative, living standards for many unemployed have taken a new turn for good. Now that, demands of local market have been fed, Farhad is placing efforts to take the reach of his enterprise in a newer height.

Krishnochura Sangskritik Songho: 40-krishnochura-sangskritik-songhoMuhammad GolamSarwarSarker, a student of Sylhet
Agricultural University wants to build youth leadership based on Liberation War spirit. He along with the members of the organization organizes activities like cultural programs and art competition marking different national days and on Bangabandhu to promote cultural activism as well as the spirit of 1971 to the youth.

Library Movement: Based on Comilla, this organization aims to build community library in every village in this city. Till 41-library-movementdate, 210 underprivileged children received free education. Efforts are in place to infuse a sense of reading habit for all from school going children to university students. In addition, members are encouraged to donate blood regularly for poor people. A new dawn has been ushered in the locality as their efforts managed to make students and youths interested in reading books. Another milestone, as set out under  the effort, is the offering of free education scheme. Every day, the number of recipients of this scheme is going up while a marked expansion is being observed in the blood donation scheme.

Md. Ziaur Rahman:42-md-ziaur-rahman

Goal has been set out to set up a library, equipped with latest ICT facilities. Schemes for growing up reading habit are organized regularly and training on basic ICT skills are held regularly. So far, the works brought fruition among over 1000 youths while 1200 teenagers are provided with computer training and internet browsing facilities. Introduction of the ICT training has opened up a new avenue for unemployed youths, given that training on soft skill development enabled a good number of underprivileged youth becoming self-reliant. Another feature of this effort is to introduce the basic operating skills to the school goers so that they can become adept in learning.

Nature and Environment Preservation Organization (NEPO): 43-nature-and-environment-preservation-organization-nepoA Rajshahi based organization working to create awareness among the youth and community people on the adverse impact of climate change. Different kinds of activities, on a regular basis, such as Tree Plantation and Protection of wildlife are held for rising consensus for the preservation of environment and endangered wildlife. Owing to their efforts, a good number of local people managed to acquire basic knowledge on the lurking danger as poised by rapid degradation of the environment. Now that this initiative has managed to hog spotlight in local level, works are getting extended and a host of activities are taking place to keep the environment safe and to take the extent of pollution to a tolerant level.

Mamun Fakir, Protibondhi Help Organization:44-mamun-fakir-protibondhi-help-organization
Being differently abled youth, he founded an organization and put up intensified effort to help people with disabilities through providing support and services. Arrangements are made for the distribution of wheel chairs for disabled people as well scholarships are managed for the ultra-poor disabled people. Till date, a total of 25 people with special needs availed such support through his organization. With the facilitation of Young Bangla, his organization got registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare to further continuing the activities complying with legal procedure. He was also selected as one of the coordinators of e-shops to work with the local entrepreneurs to become self-employed.

 Karuna:45-karuna  A band of youths stood up towards the cause to provide proper education among the poor and homeless children. Through their activities, they want to encourage the girls for pursuing higher education, mainly science education. Around his locality, a significant number of kids and children, deprived of basic education, have found a new place of hope for pursuing education, thanks to the commitment and dedication, as demonstrated by them for to uplift the fortunes of slum and street kids. Their works have ushered in a new ray of hope in slum lives.

Jago Jubo Foundation: 46-jago-jubo-foundationGiven that the organizers envisioned a non-communal society, this platform conduct their activities ranging from establishing library in union level to engaging youth in developing a strong sense of interest in studying the tales of our liberation war. As an awardee of Young Bangla, Sheikh Faruk, founder of this platform, is currently working as a construction observer in rural level construction project of LGED.

Jesmin Akhter:

With a goal to ensure a safer health for mothers, Jesmin, organizes one-to-one advocacy with the girls on menstruation hygiene and other health issues. To this goal, a host of seminars and study circles are held featuring aspects of the maternal and reproductive health.  On the back of her works, mothers, in her locality, got aware of adequate knowledge on keeping their health safe and making life of their children better. After receiving award from Young Bangla, she became one of the brand ambassadors of Windows Women of Microsoft Bangladesh. Now she eyes to extend her works to reach out more mothers.


Working for visually impaired and marginalized youth, this platform seeks to improve the economic fortunes of such segmented population. Concentration is laid out on face-to-face study support as well as awareness build campaign is waged about the lifestyle of the visually impaired children through organizing Braille method workshops and providing education materials for free. A good number of creative competitions are also held for further development of creativity. As a member of Young Bangla, Shuvashis Paul, the pioneer of this organization, is recently selected for e-shop project the social-business initiative by the Amar Desh Amar Gram to run the e-centre at Chittagong area.

Siddikur Rahman Tanvir:49-siddikur-rahman-tanvir

With experiences as software engineer of Apple and Samsung, he is currently an ICT lecturer of Dhaka College. Being a graduate of Computer Science and Engineering department from Khulna University of Science and Technology, the youth developed a device named “Android Assistant Eyemate for Visually Impaired and Blind Tracker App”. This device will help to find the direction or any obstruction with the set language on his/her way. Moreover, 190 video tutorials made for college students while works to develop a smartphone app is underway for the ease of viewing videos.

Kishwar Shafin:50-kishwar-shafin

Kishwar Shafin, a computer science and engineering student, designed ‘Mongol Barta’ (Mars Message) robot, which was given shape by 14 students and 4 teachers. The main body of the robot was made from Dholaikhal at a cost of only Tk 8,00,000. Weighing 50 kg, it can carry any object up to 70 kg. It is provided with a two-and-half-foot hand with the shape of a typical human hand for working in unfavorable conditions on Mars. ‘The Mars One’, a Netherlands-based organization working for making Mars inhabitable, arranged world competition named ‘University Rover Challenge’ in May, 2014. ‘Mongol Barta’ secured 12th position in the competition, outperforming many of the world’s most prominent universities.