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August 21, 2017
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October 16, 2017
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Congratulations to selected top 50 organizations for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017!

Preparations are underway for ceremony of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017. Through a comprehensive search over four and a half month, Young Bangla, this time, has found out 50 new youth led organizations. Here is the list of our top 50 organizations.

Aamra Manush Foundation, Dhaka
Alokbortika, Bagerhat
Amar School, Gaibandha
Aparajito Alor Michil, Rangpur
Barisal Youth Society, Barisal
Be Related to Audio Visual Education (BRAVE), Chandpur
Choupash Nattanchol, Bogra
DEC – D Engineers Club, Chittagong
Durbar Foundation, Comilla
Economical Open Scout Group, Dhaka
Iccheypuron Samajik Sangathan, Sylhet
Innovator Boi Pora Utshob, Sylhet
iPositive, Thakurgaon
Jagoron Club, Satkhira
Jumful Theater, Rangamati
Kaaktadua, Sylhet
KIN- A voluntary organization of SUST, Sylhet
Kollol Foundation, Natore
Kothon Sangskritik Songsod, Jhenidah
Lamppost, Thakurgaon
Life of Nature, Naogaon
Manob Kollankami Onathaloy, Netrokona
Manob Kolyan Unit, Khulna
Manobsheba Mulok Shongothon Prottoy, Moulovibazar
Model Live Stock Advancement Foundation, Dhaka
Mukto Sangskritik Songho, Panchagar
Ogrograhi, Chittagong
Parents Aging Foundation, Narayanganj
Potenga Protibondhi Unnoyon Shongothon, Chittagong
Pradhikar, Sylhet
Purbashar Alo, Chittagong
Quizards, Dhaka
Rangatungi United Women Football Academy, Thakurgaon
Salinnyo, Barisal
Shadheen, Dinajpur
Shechchabroti Ujjibok Forum, Khagrachori
Shepro Foundation, Kurigram
Shishu Bikash, Naogaon
Shopno Dakho Social Welfare Organization, Jessore
Shromokolyan Public Pathagar, Nilfamari
Shyamnagar Football Academy, Satkhira
SPaRC – Supporting People & Rebuilding Communities, Rangamati
Sreepur Upazila Youth Forum, Gazipur
Theatre Murarichad, Sylhet
Torun Songho, Dinajpur
Uttaran Bangladesh, Moulovibazar
We Dot Foundation, Dhaka
Wheelchair Cricket Association Bangladesh, Gazipur
Whistle Bangladesh, Dhaka
Works For Humanity, Dhaka

(Names are listed in alphabetical order)

Swapna Dekho Social Welfare Organization
Zahir Iqbal Nannu, the founder president of Swapna Dekho Social Welfare Organization, has been working for it since his teenage. Swapna Dekho (Let’s dream) started functioning in March 2013. Swapna Dekho has so far conducted quite a few humanitarian projects in addition to supporting 21 physically challenged children and organizing debate competitions in 87 educational institutions.

Barisal Youth Society
Barisal Youth Society set off in 2014 with the vision of stopping violence against women. Currently, the organization is operating in all the six districts of Barisal division with its 10,000 members and 800 volunteers. Barisal Youth Soceity has so far prevented 257 child marriages. Moreover, it has ensured the security of 109 women. It is also working on women education. The scholarship offered by the organization is supporting 14 SSC and 7 HSC students.

Durbar Foundation
Durbar Foundation started its activities in 2014 by ensuring rehabilitation of stray kids living on or around the rail station of Comilla South Sadar region. Currently, the organization is operating its activities with the help of more than 1250 volunteers. Around 90% of the stray kids living around Comilla station, Comilla city and Laksam Railway Junction are receiving supports from Durbar Foundation. 99% of them stopped drug intake.

The organization started its journey in Sylhet in 2013. It is always equipped with cameras to visually present all the discriminations existing in the society. In order to raise social awareness, it has arranged short film and photography exhibitions, meetings and seminars. They aim to make the earth a better place to live upon.

I Positive
The organization aligns its activities around its philosophy that only the true spirit of the Liberation War of Bangladesh can inspire youths to build a better country. So, it organizes film exhibitions, competitions and seminars on the Liberation War. In addition, the organization is extending supports to students regarding ICT training, career plan, educational materials and consultations.

Quizard, Dhaka
Quizard dedicates itself to the vision of building a knowledge-based youth society. Nearly 1000 – 1500 people keep in constant touch with the organization. Firmly believing in the spirit of Joy Bangla, it features articles and quizzes, which have already gained poplularity.

Slogan Ekattur, Dhaka
Slogan 17 was born with the spirit of the Liberation War. It has started its activities in 2009 with the slogan of ‘Bangali in the war for justice’. The university-based organization raises its voice against the anti-liberation elements in the country. Every year it organizes the program ‘My victory in red blood’ on December 14, 15 and 16 to commemorate the supreme sacrifice of the war heroes.

Swadhin, Dinajpur
‘To do good is our religion’ is the slogan of Swadhin that started functioning in 2009 in Dinajpur. Currently having more than 250 members, the organization achieved Red Crescent Blood Bank Award in three different years.

Prottoy, Sylhet
Since its inception in 2016, Prottoy has been working for uplifting the lives of neglected tea workers, helpless people and their children. The free medical camp organized by them has offered healthcare facilities to around 200 poor patients. The organization also works to reduce dropout rates, prevent child marriages and remove terrorism and extremism.

Brave, Chadpur
Brave (Be Related to Audio Visual Education) came into existence in 2013 with an aim to shower the light of education upon the underprivileged people of Chadpur. Currently, teachers and students of Chadpur and nearby areas are receiving audiovisual and ICT training from this organization. Believing in the spirit, this organization has so far trained more than 1000 people.

My School, Gaibandha
Since the beginning of its journey in 2014, the organization has been educating the Dalit community, taking dropouts back to the school and raising social awareness. It aims to align the backward Dality community with the mainstream population.

Iccha Puron, Sylhet
The organization aims to eliminate the concept of ‘stray kid’. Having come into existence in 2014, it has been uplifting the lives of street children and women on or around the Sylhet Railway Station. It also conducts different humanitarian activities such as distribution of winter clothes, educating women and arranging blood donation programs.

Kollol Foundation
Having started its journey in 2012 in Gurudaspur of Natore, Kollol Foundation raises awareness among helpless, distressed and poor people about the importance of school education for children, building a society without drugs and social forestation.

Potenga Protibondhi Unnoyon Songothon, Chittagong
The organization set off in 2009 with an aim to empower physically challenged people. It has so far empowered and uplifted around 100 differently able people.

Kothon Sangskritik Songshod, Jhenidah
Formed in 2008, the cultural organization organizes workshops and competitions on recitation, dance, song and debate. Currently running with 95 members, it also has some other programs to conduct – such as offering scholarships to poor and meritorious students.

Mukto Sangskritik Songho
Since its inception in 2011 in the district of panchagarh, the organization has been conducting a cultural movement in the area in order to build a society without child marriage, dowry and drugs. It has so far resisted 23 child marriages and organized quite a few cultural programs to raise social awareness.

Innovator Book Reading Festival, Sylhet
The organization aims to boost up the book reading habit among youths and thus offer them the scope to learn the original history. It distributes book among youths in the month of December and organizes quizzes on those books in the month of February. Every year 1000 – 1200 students of schools and universities get involved in the program.

Syamnagar Football Academy, Shatkheera
Since the beginning of its journey in 2008, the football academy has been promoting football in the area with a commitment to prepare national standard players. Two of its players having already secured position in the under-16 national football team testify to the success of the organization.

Amra Manush Foundation, Dhaka
The organization started functioning in 2016 with an aim to enlighten the countrymen about the country and her Liberation War. It has introduced freedom fighters to 71 schools. It also has ‘Smile Prject’, which has already taken the responsibility of 20 children from their school education till their job.

Sripur Upazila Youth Forum, Gazipur
Since its inception in 2016, it has been working on empowering and enlightening women. It has so far resisted more than 100 child marriages and worked on reducing female dropouts. The organization also raises voice against violence committed on women.

Alokbortika, Bagerhat
Formed in 2015, the organization, run by 133 volunteers, has already conducted the blood screening of 13,000 people and made a database on their blood groups. Apart from blood donation, the organization provides poor children with educational supports and healthcare facilities. They also raise awareness about the environment.

Pradhikar, Sylhet Agricultural University
The organization started its journey in 2012 with an aim to protect animal rights. Nearly 365 students are involved with the organization. They provide wounded animals with treatment and hand over any forest animal found in the locality to the forest authority.

WE Dot Foundation, Dhaka
WE Dot Foundation, officially formed in 2013, has established two schools in Dhaka and Bogra for under-privileged children that can accommodate around 130 students. The organization has also arranged health service campaigns treating nearly 4,500 people and offering them medicine for free.

Aparajita Alor Michhil, Rangpur
Since its inception in 2014, the organization has been working on childrens’ education. Sixty-five volunteers are dedicated to its cause. It has so far enlightened 150 children. The organization also arranges medical campaigns for people.

Economical Open Scout Group, Dhaka
This voluntary organization, formed in 1998, has conducted 20 vaccination programs. They have also offered mental supports to the children suffering from cancer and offered counselling to their parents.

Parents Ageing Foundation, Dhaka
Having set off in 2016, the organization has been offering healthcare and emotional supports to the people in their twilight years. Nearly 300 volunteers are dedicated to its noble cause. They have provided 400 old people with winter clothes.

Shalinyo, Barisal
The organization set off in 2008 to organize the young generation and involve them in creative activities, Math Olympiad and different training programs. With more than 1000 volunteers, the organization is now featuring a wide range of activities like fine arts, dance, recitation and song rendition. They have also offered training to around 500 youths.

Workers’ Welfare Public Library, Nilphamari
Starting its journey in 2010, the organization has lowered down the child marriage incidents by 90%. Around 256 volunteers are involved with the organization. It has offered food, cloth and other assistances to more than 150 families.

Shecchabroty Ujjibok Forum, Khagrachhori
Formed in 2006, the organization has so far brought 150 dropouts back to schools. It has also planted 5000 trees. Moreover, the organization organizes blood donation camps and offer winter clothes to poor people.

Lamppost, Thakurgaon
The organization set off in 2014 with a promise to catalyze the social development works. It is running a Facebook campaign that has already attracted 31,000 members. Their tree plantation project has featured 400 Krishnachura trees in the area. They have organized educational facilities for 113 children.

KIN, Sylhet
The Shahjalal University of Engineering and Technology based voluntary organization set off in 2004. It established a school having enlightened 150 underprivileged children so far. It also organizes blood donation camps drawing nearly 400 bags of blood every year.

The Engineers’ Club, Chittagong
The organization started its journey in 2013 with an aim to build skilled manpower through ICT education. The Engineers’ Club, currently having 108 members, has organized 100 seminars so far. It also offers knowledge on career development.

Life of Nature, Naogaon
Formed by Nibedita and like-minded women in 2011, Life of Nature has so far organized seminars on the environment and climate change in more than 200 schools in Naogaon. The 15-member team visits school regularly to educate students on the environment. It also works on women empowerment and stopping child marriage.

Ogrogahi, Chittagong
At the age of only 14, Tanjil Rashid along with his friends formed the organization in Bahaddarhat of Chittagong. They run the organization with the help of their own money and that they manage through campaigns at the school level. They have offered food to more than 20,000 Rohingya people and supported over 1,000 disaster-affected families.

Purbashar Alo, Chittagong
Purbashar Alo was established in 2004 with an aim to ensure basic rights of street children and orphans. Around 250 volunteers are dedicated to its cause. They have so far offered educational supports to nearly 5000 students. Moreover, around 500 families received medical supports from the medical camps they organize.

Shepro Foundation, Kurigram
Since its inception in 2013, Shepro Foundation has provided children of 120 families with educational supports. On the river islands of Jatrapur of Kurigram, they have established schools for underprivileged children.

Torun Sangha, Dinajpur
The organization was established in 2012 with a goal to catalyze the social development in Dinajpur. Currenly having 20 members, Torun Sangha has so far organized four vaccination programs. They also organize sports and other programs to motivate young people.

Whistle Bangladesh, Chittagong
The organization started functioning in 2014. Collecting books from different sources, they have built a library of old books. Currently having 184 members, Whistle Bangladesh has also featured a blood donation project involving over 50,000 youths.

Jumphul Theater, Rangamati
Setting off in 2015 in Rangamati, the organization works for spreading a cultural movement in the region. Their goal is to create new cultural activists at the college and university levels. Their street dramas are regularly aired on the radio regularly.

Theater Murari Chad, Sylhet
With a promise of social development through cultural movement, Theater Murari Chad was established in 2013 in Sylhet. They have so far staged 18 dramas in different parts of Bangladesh. The organization currently has 175 members.

Choupash Natyanchal, Bogra
The organization started its journey in 2013 with a view to catalyze a cultural movement. Currently having 23 members, Choupash stages a drama in every month. Their street drama named ‘White Ant’ based on the Liberation War of Bangladesh touched many hearts.

Rangatungi United Women Football Academy, Rangpur
The academy was formed in 2014 with a view to train underprivileged and village girls in football. The club is playing a crucial role in ensuring women empowerment.

Model Livestock Advancement Foundation, Dhaka
Livestock can be a good step towards creating employment opportunities. Model Livestock Advancement Foundation started its journey in 2015 with this vision. Currently having 375 members, the organization has been training youths on raising cattle and detecting and treating animal diseases.

Jagoron Club, Shatkheera
Established in 2012 in Shatkeera, Jagoron Club has so far resisted over 50 child marriages and sent them back to the school. Moreover, they organize blood donation, cultural programs and other social development projects.

Supporting People and Rebuilding Communities, Rangamati
The organization was established in 2013 with a promise to resist violence against women. Currently having 50 members, SPARC (Supporting People and Rebuilding Communities) has also been working on women empowerment and child rights.

Works for Humanity, Dhaka
The organization has been working for enlightening and empowering the youths. It distributes books and educational materials among the underprivileged and under privileged children.

Wheel Chair Cricket Welfare Association Bangladesh (WCWAB), Gazipur
This organization makes physically challenged people believe that they are bigger than the limitations they have. People with difficulties in walking are provided with training on cricket and all necessary sports materials. Set off in 2015 in Gazipur, the organization currently has 150 members.

Orphanage for Social Welfare, Netrokona
Formed in 1996, the organization supports orphan children with education and extra-curricular activities. This has so far raised 112 orphan children.

Uttoron Bangladesh, Moulavibazar
In 2013, the organization was established with a promise to uplift the lives of the tea garden community in Moulavibazar. It arranges ‘Inter Tea Garden Olympiad’ in order to make students more focused in their study. The result is the striking improvement in their school performance and enrollment in universities.

Shishu Bikash, Naogaon
Shishu Bikash was established in 2010 as a voluntary organization to enlighten children. In the year 2011, they have taken the responsibility of education for 42 children and sent 12 children to the school. They are still taking the financial responsibility of those students.

Social Welfare Unit, Khulna
The organization was established in 2008 with an aim to raise awareness about the environmental damage caused by the climate change on the coastal region. The organization has created an artificial Sundarban spanning over two kilometers. It also has a 712-member blood donation team.