Congratulations to selected top 50 organizations for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017!
October 15, 2017
Day 1 of Joy Bangla Youth Award giving ceremony: JBYA finalists meet Young Bangla
October 20, 2017
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A four-month journey culminates into one grand ceremony

After a nearly four-month long process of registration, activation, and scrutiny of over 1,300 applications, Young Bangla has finally come down to a list of 50 finalists for the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017.

During the process, the divisional coordination teams of Young Bangla, led by the winners of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2015, played a key role in making sure that the best organizations from the grassroots applied for the award. The media and Young Bangla’s network partners also extended a praiseworthy helping hand in disseminating messages throughout the registration process.

Idea Circle:
Prior to the application call, there was a pre-call network meeting with the winners of JBYA-2015, coordinators of Sheikh Russel Digital Labs (SRDLs) and district e-Shop Centres, all of whom are Young Bangla members. During that meeting at Dhaka in May, the roadmap for the next phases of town hall and district activations and the evaluation and scrutiny process were laid.
A nationwide activation process initiated soon after the pre-call network meeting through divisional, town hall and campus activations.

Divisional Meetings:
Young Bangla co-ordinated 8 divisional network meeting during the call to disseminate the idea of Joy Bangla youth award.

Town hall activations:
A total of 75 activation programs were staged at 44 district headquarters to ensure the participation of youth from all sectors and groups.

Campus Activations:
To reach out the educational institute based organizations and initiatives a total of 32 campus activations were organized throughout the country.

Evaluation phase:
Initial evaluation began with the primary sorting of 200 organizations from out of the 1,300 applications received from all the eight divisions in the country with the assistance of the existing Young Bangla network. The second phase of sorting through form evaluation and phone interview cut down the number to 108. Field-level assessment was followed by the finalization of best 50 organizations with the assistance of “Friends of Young Bangla” – a group that comprises members of parliament, business-people, media professionals, NGO workers and bureaucrats.

This year the award will be given to 30 organizations during a two-day program on 20-21 October 2017. Sajeeb Wazed, Chairperson of CRI and ICT Advisor to the Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh, will be present to hand over the awards to the winners during two separate programs on 20 and 21 October at Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre, Savar.

All the 50 finalists have been invited at the venue which has good residential facilities. Two representatives from each of the 50 finalist organizations will take part in a two-day grooming and networking program before the main award function.