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November 9, 2017
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Theatre Murarichand: Rekindling the Spirit of 1971

Cultural activism has always played an integral role in Bangalees’ long quest for freedom. When the gallant freedom fighters fighting in the battlefield to uproot the Pakistan army, a group of musicians, artists and authors were busy on another front, waging a cultural war.

Cultural activists have literally been guiding the nation to come out of dark phases in the history.

A number of theatre-loving students of historical Murarichand College in Sylhet were looking for a platform, a launching pad to start a theatre movement. They were desperate to communicate their thoughts and aspirations to the community of youth who, they thought, have veered away from the values and spirit of the glorious War of Liberation.


“Theatre Murarichand” was formed in 2013 with the commitment to build a cultural movement based on the spirit of the War of Liberation. They began their activities on the college campus and attracted a lot audience from among the student community. Their prominence as a theatre group is currently on the rise.

Since inception, Threatre Murarichand has come up with a total of 16 theatrical productions. They have staged plays outside the campus as well. The spirit of the War of Liberation and Bangalee values are omnipresent in their performances. The plays are imbued with messages to foster social awareness among the audience.

“We are very keen to sensitize the youth on current social issues. We firmly believe that the present and future generations have to be introduced with the true history of the nation,” said Fahamida Elahi Brishty, member secretary of the group.

One of the most significant achievements of the group is managing to attract a number of women to join their movement. Some of them regularly perform for them on stage as well.

In this short span of time, Theatre Murarichand has succeeded in creating a calendar of their own cultural events which now has a close following in the cultural arena of Sylhet. The college authorities also support them strongly. In addition to cultural activities, they also have strong voice about issues related to student rights. This pro-student stance has brought them massive following on the campus.

Young Bangla recognized Theatre Murarichand’s work in the field of cultural development by giving them the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017.

In her immediate reaction after receiving the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017, Brishty said: “All members of our group are delighted and proud. We thank everyone who gave us the support to reach this stage. We want to spread our theatre movement to other parts of the country as well.”

The group has so far been carrying the expenses from regular monthly subscription of its members and sporadic contributions from a handful of patrons. Now they want to arrange shows on a more regular basis. Their future plan now is to do research and make a new production on the War of Liberation and stage it at different educational institutions around the country.