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November 9, 2017
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BYS: Standing beside Women

Once a woman was abandoned by her husband. Her fault was that the baby she was carrying in the womb happened to be a girl. Such a nonsensical action from an adult shocked Fayez Belal, a college goer in the city of Barisal. He stood beside that devastated lady by arranging financial, social and psychological support. The incidence was an eye-open for him and his friends.

Fayez felt that there is lot to be done for women in society and youths like him must take the responsibility. Fayez and few of his companions initiated Barisal Youth Society (BYS) in 2014 with the determination to stop violence against women. They are now credited for providing protection to 109 victim women. At the moment, BYS have more than 10,000 members and 800 volunteers. Their huge network is the key to stop child marriage and to provide security for women who have been victim of violence. The have established 24 centre to provide legal aid service to woman.

Spreading the light of education amongst the women is one of their prime goals. Scholarship provided by this organization is currently helping 14 SSC and 7 HSC students. Currently, Barisal Youth Society is actively working on 6 districts in Barisal.

Putting an end to the 257 early marriages is one of their biggest successes. They had to overcome a number of obstacles in their ways. Once they moved to a remote area to stop a child marriage. Their boat was intercepted midway by the group arranging that marriage. Their members received verbal as well as physical assault but they didn’t back down. They eventually succeeded in their mission by taking help from the administration.

Beside supporting the victims of violence, BYS now provide employment generating skill training for young women. It has helped 19 young women to become employed.

Now it is one of the largest youth based organization in the southern part of Bangladesh. They have taken some innovative program to bring a large number of youths under a platform and work for the development of the youth community as a whole. BYS successfully organized ‘Youth Fest 2017’ to celebrate and showcase the outstanding achievement of youth activists and entrepreneurs.

BYS has won the Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2017 in the community development category for their role in preventing violence against women and ensuring education and employment opportunity for women.

BYS has its units in 6 districts directing working with some 2000 young girls and women sensitizing on the rights and services they deserve.  They want to go to the interior of villages and built service and e-learning centers.