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November 15, 2017
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I Positive: Bringing positive changes in society

‘I Positive’ – the name has a touch of uniqueness as well as a strong vibe around it. The idea behind it is a very simple one though – we need positive thinking people to bring positive changes in society.

I-Positive, the youth led organization, came to existence in 2011 at Thakurgaon with the desire of forming a positive society based on the spirit of the Liberation War of 1971. MD. Shafiq Parvez and his fellow compatriot started this organization, the idea emerged while they were having a casual get together at the central Shaheed Minar in Pirganj.

Shafiq firmly believes that spreading the spirit of the Liberation War will inspire the youth to form a better Bangladesh. For this reason, his organization arranges open discussions, exhibits film and arranges competitions and seminars based on the Liberation War. They wanted to recreate a society through different educational, cultural, sports and creative programs.

I Positive encourages local youths to be a part of their initiatives. Interested youths can join as volunteer and take part in different initiatives for a certain period. If all the requirements are fulfilled, then volunteers are granted with the status of full membership. Now they have about 80 full members in their organization. I Positive has obtained its registration from the Department of Social Welfare in 2015.

From very beginning, I Positive have been supporting children and youth in getting quality education and training. It has extended support to students regarding ICT training, career plan, educational materials, consultations and financial support. An online platform called ‘I Edu-care’ offers online education for the students living in remote parts of Thakurgaon district.

More recently, I Positive initiated some environment and cleanliness programs in the city area of Thakurgaon. It also arranged several health camps for disadvantaged people.
I Positive had to overcome a number of challenges since it started working. Some individuals, family members and a section of the society questioned their intentions. Their members received several blows from the anti-liberation minded sections but it never backed down.

Appreciation from the mass and the beneficiaries, which they receive in plenty, keeps their morale up all the time. Their members and volunteers are well known for their enthusiasm and dedication in social work.

I Positive won the Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2017 for their contribution in the society under the category of community development. In his immediate response after receiving the award, Shafiq Parvez said, “the award means even greater responsibility to us”. All the members and volunteers are quite jubilant at the moment while the will for serving the nation is stronger than ever before.