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November 28, 2017
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Durbar Foundation: Leaving no child on street

The youth of Bangladesh are often described as visionary which is not an overstatement at all. A number of youths led by Arif Rahman have been relentlessly pursuing the vision of a prosperous Bangladesh where there will be no child left on the streets.

In Arifur’s articulation “we aspire of a Bangladesh where no child will be left on streets and they will have all their rights”.

In October 2017, Arif’s voluntary organization – Durbar Foundation got Joy Bangla Youth Award for their contribution in the society. The foundation was recognized as one of the top 10 youth-led initiatives in the country. The award is surely going boost their morale and encourage its members dream big in near future.

Durbar was founded in 2014 to rehabilitate street children living in or around the railway station in the Comilla South Sadar region. The homeless children living around Comilla station, city and Laksham railway junction are receiving support from the Foundation. Currently, the organization is carrying out its activities with the help of more than 1,250 volunteers.

Durbar currently runs two schools which provides free educational materials, clothes and meal during the class time. The members are trying their best to treat those children as a normal child, guiding them to dream for a bright future and to not to feel being let down.

As the numbers of volunteers increased, their activities have also increased in a large scale. The foundation is showing alternative ways of earning to these street children. Almost 75 percent children are now earning through the help of the organization. The children who were used to drug have stopped taking drugs.

Durbar plays vital role in natural calamity such as flood, earth quack, road accidents etc. Durbar has a specialized rescue team who save life during such disasters and help them during rehab. Durbar supply blood in emergency need all over the country through thousands of voluntary blood donors. Durbar also creates awareness on child marriage, child abuse, domestic violence on women. 

Now it is one of the largest active youth organizations in the district of Comilla. They have taken some innovative program to bring a large number of youths under a platform and work for the welfare of destitute street children. They are keen to continue and expand services for street children. Beside establishing new schools, they want to build two safe homes for them.