Kormoshopan Pataton Career Camps get going to 4 districts in 2018
April 26, 2018
Kormoshopan Pataton Career Camp at Rangpur
May 28, 2018
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Kormoshopan Pataton: Pathway to Promising Careers Hits Chattogram

Addressing the present job market of Bangladesh, Kormoshopan Pataton career aims at facilitating training in 64 districts of the country as a guide to career readiness and employability skills to impart need-based guidance for the entry-level job seekers.

Chattogram KSP Camp was held from 10 – 12 may 2018. This time the camps were non- residential and only a handpicked amount of 50 participants were able to participate in the 3 day long career camp Co-jointly organized by Young Bangla and Aamra Companies limited.

During the three days session, participants were able to feel the vibe of corporate culture as well as what they need to know before entering into the current job market. However the 1st day was an introductory session which was coordinated by Young Bangla secretariat and the next two days were all about career planning, CV formulation, Job search methods, and an interview session with Aamra companies.

The camp mostly focused on developing some key skills, so that the participants, who are mostly fresh graduates, can enter the job market as competent and confident individuals.

The camp was held in Chattogram District Council Auditorium and was organized under the Kormoshopan Pataton program of Young Bangla. It was powered by Aamra Companies and supported by Joy Bangla Youth award winning organizations from Chattogram Division.