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June 12, 2018
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Young Bangla Network Meeting, June 2018

Young Bangla Network Meeting was held on June 30, 2018 at Dhaka. Young Bangla member organizations from all 8 divisions of Bangladesh (Rangpur, Rajshahi, Dhaka, Sylhet, Chattagram, Khulna, Mymenshing and Barisal) were present in the meeting.

The daylong meeting comprised of FGDs- Focused Group Discussions followed by a brainstorming session with the Executive Director of CRI (Centre for Research and Information) and idea exchange session headed by the Associate Coordinator of CRI.

Participants of the FGDs comprised of the representatives of member organizations, who were grouped in accordance with the division. They discussed the strengths and opportunities of the Young Bangla platform and put forward valuable input on how to facilitate the network better. The scopes of incorporating various other organizations eligible to be a member of the network including the recognition of those who are yet to be brought within the ambit of the network were discussed. The success of the SRDL (Sheikh Russell Digital Lab) activation program was the highlight of the FGDs where more organizations other than those who are already a part of the program expressed their desire to be involved in the program. Member organizations also suggested for specific interventions by the Young Bangla Secretariat and they were agreed upon.

Participants came up with practical suggestions for Young Bangla to act on and help them further their successful operations at the root level. Organizations that faced challenges also voiced their concerns and they were taken into account and a plan to help them overcome these challenges are being made.

At the brainstorming session, the integrated growth of the network was discussed. Activities that were making differences for the betterment of the society in one part of Bangladesh should be showcased in front of the organizations making a difference in other parts. The member organizations strongly agreed to the idea of experience and knowledge sharing and were optimistic about the possible outcomes of such initiatives. Focused discussion on the roles that award winners of the Joy Bangla Youth Award had to play in order to motivate other member organizations also took place.

The final session was a dialogue between Young Bangla and its member organizations where the courses of action needed to be taken to ensure efficient operations of the programs was outlined. Discussion on the code of conduct for member organizations willing to get involved with the different ongoing programs by Young Bangla also took place. The prerequisites for the upcoming Joy Bangla Youth Award and the changes that the Young Bangla Secretariat plans to bring about were discussed as well. The member organizations unequivocally agreed with the compliance prerequisites laid out by the Young Bangla Secretariat.