Multi-Stakeholder Meeting on Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018
September 10, 2018
Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018 Application Call Update
September 16, 2018
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What is your Joy Bangla?

“What is your Joy Bangla?” is the cornerstone of the Joy Bangla Youth Award, a flagship initiative of Young Bangla, founded in 2014, to engage the youth in nation building.

Young Bangla strives to ensure youth participation in consulting the finalizing of policies by the policy-makers on issues that concern the youth, their dreams and interests. It only becomes possible when everybody is on the same page, on the same platform.

The largest youth platform is relentlessly working to engage the youth in various social welfare activities. With over 200,000 Members, over 220 organizations and over 200 initiatives, Young Bangla is strongly going forth.

Enriched by the spirit of the great 7th March Speech by Bangabandhu Sheikh Muhibur Rahman, Joy Bangla Youth Award puts forward the question “What is your Joy Bangla?” before the youth of the nation and requests for their stories of success, which is their Joy Bangla, to ascertain the most impactful initiators (individuals and organizations).

Recognition drives people to do more, with this simple principle, Young Bangla scouts the most promising innovators, change-makers and initiators from the youth to recognize their efforts to do good to their respective communities and in turn, their nation.

Awarding the initiatives of the youth in different sectors motivates and inspires them. At the same time, the inspiring stories of their Joy Bangla is spread throughout the nation creating ripples of inspiration for the future change-makers of Bangladesh.

Your story of Joy Bangla can win you the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018. Here are the categories set for this year’s awards:

Gender– Promoting Gender Equality, Empowerment and Development of Women
Cultural Activism– Cultural Education & Training, Community Library, Awareness on Heritage & Culture, Liberation War Awareness
Sports and Fitness– Sports Club (Indoor/ Outdoor), Fitness & Self Defense
Skill Development– Formal TVET, Para Vocational/ Trade Education, Digital Education/ ICT Training, Career Counselling
Environment & Climate Change– Environmental Awareness, Environment, Community & Biodiversity Conservation, Ecotourism
Innovation & Entrepreneurship– Agriculture & Livestock, Information Technology, Renewable Energy
Education for Inclusion– Child Education, Adult Education, Education Awareness
Public Awareness Initiative– Social Safety/ Security, Road Safety Awareness, Waste Management, Cleanliness and Environmental Awareness and others
Empowerment of Specially Challenged People
Other Community Development– Health/ Mental Health/ Counselling, Poverty Reduction, Anti-Drug Awareness, Hazard & Disaster Risk Reduction, Blood Donation, Humanitarian Aid, Local Community & Livelihood Development

During the month-long process to the JBYA 2018, Young Bangla collects application forms submitted by different youth-led organizations from different parts of the nation. During the selection process the organizations’ contributions, social acceptability and scope of work are taken into account and a shortlist of awardees is ascertained. Award Winners get to showcase their works and progresses to the nation from the JBYA 2018 stage, enjoy a more respectable status in their respective communities and get the opportunity to participate in various development projects with the Government.

To submit your story of Joy Bangla, visit and (Facebook) or call our Hotline 09612009922 for details. We are coming to hear your story of Joy Bangla.

Our Journey
August 6, 2014- National Coordination Meeting
November 14, 2014- Young Bangla Initiation
January 14 to February 28, 2015- 7 Divisional Meets
January 30, 2015- Young Bangla Stakeholder Meeting
March 7, 2015- Joy Bangla Concert
May 2, 2015- Joy Bangla Youth Award
March 7, 2016- Joy Bangla Concert
May 16-17, 2016 Young Bangla Network Meeting
March 7, 2017- Joy Bangla Youth Award
May 2017- Formation of Divisional Teams for organizing Joy Bangla Youth Award
June 2017- 8 Divisional Activations
October 12, 2017- Friends of Young Bangla Meet
October 20-21, 2017- Joy Bangla Youth Award
March 7, 2018- Joy Bangla Concert
August 2018- road to Joy Bangla Youth Award
October 20-21, 2018- Joy Bangla Youth Award

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