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October 10, 2018 to digitize micro entrepreneur through Young Bangla
October 18, 2018
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Google gets connected with the largest youth platform of Bangladesh

Kormo, a jobs and career development app built by Google’s Area 120 program, has started it’s journey with the country’s largest youth network “Young Bangla” through a workshop with the Young Bangla Campus Ambassadors to connect youth with the platform.

The Campus Ambassadors from more than 25 universities across the country participated in this workshop where Jess Bayern, Kormo Operations Manager from Google, introduced Kormo to the participants. She also provided more details on the Area 120 incubator program inside of Google and its focus on solving real world problems through innovation and experimentation.

Mohammad Kashif Choudhury, Project Director with Kormo’s local Marketing and User Experience partner, Boomerang Digital, was present and said “Kormo aims to be part of the solution in closing the employment gap Bangladesh. We are excited by this mission and hope to grow Kormo substantially over the coming months”. Md. Arman Hossain, Kormo General Manager at Boomerang Digital, was also present at the workshop and stated that “We’re proud to work in this initiative as ‘Kormo’ started its journey right here in Bangladesh. It is a Bangla term and now if we grow and take this product internationally, people throughout the world will know about our country.”

The Google team behind Kormo is just starting to get connected with the youth of Bangladesh and through Young Bangla they hope to match more job seekers with job opportunities and tools to grow in their careers.