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October 18, 2018
Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018 – the final moment has almost arrived
October 24, 2018
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Top 50 organizations for JBYA 2018

Preparations are underway for ceremony of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2018. Through a comprehensive search over three and a half month, Young Bangla has found out 50 new youth led organizations. Here is the list of our top 50 organizations.

Akota Unnoyon Shongothon, Jhenaidah
Akota Unnoyon Shongothon works for empowerment of physically challenged people by providing them basic education, and assistance during emergency time. Sumon Parves has founded this in 2015 in Jhenaidah and right now they have 85 beneficiaries, 300 members and 100 volunteers.

All for One Foundation, Dhaka
All for One Foundation’s mission is to promote positive hygiene practices and make it more available and affordable in Bangladesh. Founder Kamrun Nesa Mira from Dhaka took this initiative for deprived women and create access to basic hygiene and education for all.

Anushilon Mojar School, Khulna
Anushilon Mojar School was established in 2015 in Khulna. With a vision to provide free education to underprivileged children who are forced to work in the industrial area, Alok Chandra Das founded this school. Till today, they have 250 beneficiaries, 15 volunteers and 41members.

BD Assistant, Rangpur
Bd Assistant has been working with two objectives. One is to provide technical training to college-dropout students and the other is to provide one step door-to-door technician service. Abu Sayed from Rangpur has started this company in 2016 and till now they have 500 beneficiaries, 50 members and 10 staff.

Bayanno, Chattogram
Bayanno was established in 2017 in Chattogram. Their aim is to create an intellectual society for the youth through book reading, and different kinds of educational activities. Founder Naznin Akhter Nazu is working with 184 volunteers and 20 members and now they have 336 beneficiaries.

Bridge Foundation, Dhaka
Bridge Foundation’s mission is to empower and promote sign language users and physically challenged people. Co- founder Swarna Moye Sarker from Dhaka has an online platform from 2013, where they promote their graphics skill, internet marketing and arts and painting for their self-employment. Right now, they have 35 beneficiaries and 15 volunteers involved.

Brihonnola, Dhaka
Brihonnola aims to provide education and training to transgender community who are the most deprived and neglected group in the society. Sadikul Islam from Dhaka has founded this organization in 2017 and right now they have 50 transgender beneficiaries, 21 members and 50 volunteers.

Call for Blood, Dhaka
Call for Blood is a student-run organization with the aim to provide free blood for anyone in need. Md. Sarwar Kamal Shoaib founded this online platform in 2011 in Dhaka which gives service to all over Bangladesh with 134 volunteers and 300,000 donors. More than 100,000 people have been benefited through this platform.

Digital Center, Madaripur
Digital Center, Madaripur was established in 2014 which gives cyber security training to women and their target is to train 200 women in the year 2020. Al Shahriat Karim, director, is working with a team of 6 staff and members, and right now they have 7 beneficiaries.

Durbar Progoti Shonghothon, Chattogram
Durbar Progoti Shonghothon was established in 2011 in Chattogram. Their goal is to improve the life of under privileged people by providing them free education, scholarship to students, and free health checkup. Founder Shaif Uddin is working with the team of 118 volunteers, 243 members, and till now they have almost 1000 beneficiaries.

The Flag Girl, Dhaka
The Flag Girl is a social media platform for women of different nationalities to interact freely about their challenges while travelling. Priota Iftekhar from Dhaka has founded this group in 2013 and now they have 50 beneficiaries, 2023 members and 100 volunteers.

Ghuri Foundation, Barishal
Ghuri Foundation’s aim is to educate the destitute and helpless children and to teach them the history of our liberation war. Rakibul Hasan from Barishal has founded this organization in 2014 and now they have 500 beneficiaries, 100 volunteers, and 55 members.

Gurukul, Kushtia
Gurukul’s aims and objective is to build skilled and educated society for the future generation of Bangladesh. They provide free career counselling, computer and vocational training, and medical checkup. Mohammad Abdullah Al-Masum has founded this organization in 2008 in Kushtia and till to date they have 22,000 beneficiaries and 7,000 volunteers.

Jibon, Rangamati
Jibon is the sole organization in Rangamati which manages blood for those who in need. Sazid bin Zahid the founder of this organization is operating this work in nonprofit way through social media network. Right now, they have 6000 beneficiaries, 1500 volunteers and 300 members.

Kkhyapa, Dhaka
Kkhyapa is a musical band which focus on empowering physically challenged students through the language of music that is beyond border and discrimination. Founder Joshiah Sangma from Dhaka has started this band in 2016 with 7 members and have been able to inspire many audiences specially from student’s community.

Lalmonirhat Taekwon-Do Association, Lalmonirhat
Lalmonirhat Taekwon-Do Association’s aim is to teach women and children of any age the self-defense training. Swantana Rani Roy founded this organization in 2016 in Lalmonirhat and now they have 30 members and 30 beneficiaries.

Light to Life, Dhaka
Light to life has started an awareness program of Mental Health because the word “trauma” in everyday language to mean a highly stressful. Founder Labib Tazone Utshob from Dhaka do counsel for the youth mainly students of Bangladesh. Now, they have 600 beneficiaries and 500 members with them.

Narail Volunteers, Narail
Narail Volunteers is Khulna based organization which was established in 2017 with the aim to provide basic need to under privileged children. They give free ICT training and has awareness program of making social movies for the development of the youth. Founder Md. Saadat Rahman Sakib is involve here along with 300 volunteers, 40 members and now they have 15 beneficiaries.

Nari Shakti Foundation, Panchagarh
Nari Shakti Jagorone Foundation aims is to provide adult education, emergency help in disaster, tree plantation, vocational training. This organization has started its journey in 2010 and director Mossamat Farzana Zebun is working for 8 years and now they have 87 beneficiaries and 367 members.

Neer Sheba Kendro, Jessore
Neer Sheba Kendro was established in 2017 in Khulna and their main goal is to provide free education, nutrition, farming advice and create safe hygiene and sanitation for under privileged people in the society. Farjana Afroz is working as general secretary for 2 years with a team of 30 volunteers and 10 members, and now they have 2000 beneficiaries.

Notun Jibon, Cox’s Bazar
Notun Jibon was established in 2018 in Cox’s Bazar which aims to ensure education, health care, and entertainment for the street children. Their active member Towhidul Islam is working for 4 years with 15 volunteers, 35 members and till now they have 120 beneficiaries.

Onubikkhon, Sylhet
Onubikkhon aims is to provide basic education their awareness program is the main part of their curriculum. Shafiqul Islam Karim from Sylhet the president of this organization is working with 30 volunteers and members, and now they have 65 beneficiaries.

Pakhi Foundation, Dhaka
Pakhi Foundation is one and only school in Old Dhaka for specially challenged people. Jhumona Mullick Jhume founded this school in 2017 for the need of supporting her own daughter. Right now, she has 200 beneficiaries, 20 members and 9 trained teachers.

Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongothon, Sunamganj
Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Sangstha aim is to establish the rights for the inhabitants of haor. Nabid Hasan the founder of this organization in Sunamganj who wants to help the fishermen and farmers by giving them financial assistance through different agencies. They have 5 lacs beneficiaries and 50 volunteers.

Pran O Prokriti, Naogaon
Pran o Prokriti in mission is to preserve bird and conservation of forestry. Founding president Kazi Nazmul Hossain from Naogaon has started this in 2010 right now, this organization has 120 members and 80 volunteers and 120 beneficiaries who is working along with him for preserving nature.

Projukti O Projonmo Foundation, Dhaka
Projukti O Projonmo Foundation aims to provide ICT education to every upzilla schools which are deprived from such facilities. Through a mobile application they give training to the primary school student. Dr. Tanziba Rahman from Dhaka has founded this in 2017 and till now they have almost 1000 beneficiaries and 60 volunteers involved.

Prothom Surjo Agro Farm, Jessore
Prothom Surjo Agro Farm provide training on management of farming and give financial assistance in establishing agro farm to new entrepreneur. Kamrun Nahar has started this organization in 2016 and now this organization has 855 beneficiaries, 4 members and 8 employees.

Protibondhi Kollayan Shamiti, Mymensingh
Protibondhi Kollayan Shamiti provides physical fitness training to specially challenged people along with the education. This organization was established in 2001 in Mymensingh and General Secretary Nurul Islam is working for 5 years and right now they have 300 beneficiaries and 781 volunteers.

Protibondhi Kollayan Sangstha, Khulna
Protibondhi Kollayan Sangstha was established in 2010 in Khulna with the aim to ensure rights to specially challenges people, along with this they provide education and ICT training and also help them with their jobs. Cofounder Shirin khatun is working for 7 years with 12 volunteers, 392 members and no they have 85 beneficiaries.

Relation to People, Habiganj
Relation to People goal is to support underprivileged people by giving them financial assistance during emergency time from their own funding, and promote anti superstation’s program in Sylhet. Imtiaz Mohammad Papon has founded this organization in 2016 and now they have 100 beneficiaries, 30 volunteers, and 72 members.

Safal Shrimp Service Center, Satkhira
Safal Shrimp Service Center provide service of free water and soil testing to farmers. They farm safe shrimp and promote safe shrimp awareness program among farmers. Mukul Islam from Satkhira co-founder of this organization has established this in 2017 and now they 5690 beneficiaries, 12 members and 37 volunteers.

Salandar High School Women’s Basketball Team, Thakurgaon
Salandar, a basketball team in the remote area of Thakurgaon, has been struggling from the beginning. They started without a proper basketball to practice with. Now, four of their team mates have already been selected in national basketball team, which has started its journey in 2018.

Shikkhar Alo Pathshala, Dhaka
Shikkhar Alo Pathshala provides education to orphan and underprivileged children. Sani Rahman from Dhaka the founder of this organization has started this in 2014 and till today they have 300 beneficiaries and 200 volunteers.

Shishu Nat, Sylhet
Shishu Nat plays an important role in providing drama class and theatre training to children. Tanmay Pal Chowdhury from Sylhet has established this cultural school in 2015 and till now they have 10 beneficiaries and 50 members involved.

Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro, Dhaka
Shishu Protiva Bikash Kendro’s main goal is to ensure institutional education, for the under privileged and motivate them for cultural practice and inspire to know the history of liberation war. Founder Dr. Sayed Mizanur Rahman has established this organization in 2016 in Dhaka with 220 volunteers, 39 members and till now they have 1260 beneficiaries.

Shopno Jatri Foundation, Chattogram
Shopno Jatri Foundation provides free education vocational training, and food to poor people. Md. Kamal Hosen Chowdhruy from Chattogram has founded this organization in 2014 and from which they have 100 beneficiaries and 200 volunteers are involved.

Shopno Sarothy Public Library, Naogaon
Shopno Sarothy Public Library was established in 2016 in Naogaon goal is to spread book reading habit through their book reading session along with this they also organize quiz and debate competition for the students. Mizanur Rahman is working here from the beginning with 20 volunteers and now they have 10, 000 beneficiaries.

Shopno Tori Foundation, Brahmanbaria
Shopno Tori foundation aims to teach self defence JUDO to empower women. Founder Mahmuda Akter Jahan from Brahmanbaria has established this organization in 2016 and now they have 900 beneficiaries and 50 volunteers and members.

Social Welfare Institute, Mymensingh
Social Welfare Institute was established in 2016 in Mymensingh were they work for the neuro development for specially challenged people through therapy like physio, music, speech and language. Manas Kanti Saha is working for 2.5 years as a director for this institute and till now they have 397 beneficiaries, and 155 volunteers involved.

Student Organization of Youth Power, Gaibandha
Student Organization of Youth Power provides one career counseling every month for the intellectual development of the students and they also do anti-drug awareness campaign in different schools and colleges. Mohammad Shoaibur Rahman Shojib has founded this organization in 2016 in Gaibandha and now they have 10 beneficiaries, and 800 volunteers working.

Sylhet Art and Autism Foundation, Sylhet
Sylhet Art and Autism Foundation promotes authentic Liberation War history and do awareness program. This organization has started its journey in 2013 and member secretary Ismail Goni Himon is working for 5 years, and till today they have 200 volunteers and many beneficiaries.

Tara Initiative, Dhaka
Tara Initiative aims is to create a substantial improvement lives for destitute and poverty-stricken people. Founder Apu Placid from Dhaka has initiated the work through literacy and nutrition program through. Right now, they have 2100 beneficiaries, 300 volunteers and 117 members are involved.

Taru Chaya, Faridpur
Taru Chaya’s mission is to eliminate drug and child marriage, and help the victim of natural disaster. Md. Khalid Mahnud Shazib from Faridpur has established this organization in 2016 and from then to till now they have 400 beneficiaries and 450 volunteers.

Tarunno 71, Kushtia
Tarunno 71 Kushtia was established in 2016 with the aim to eradicate child marriage, ensure primary education, and provide ICT training. Founder Shahriar Zaman Dhrubo from Kushtia is working with 300 volunteers and now they have 2000 beneficiaries.

Tetulia Pathshala, Barishal
Tetulia Pathshala was established in 2016 in Barishal provide free education to under privileged, works to eradicate child marriage, and promote dowry free marriage. Imran Mrida is working as a president with 157 volunteers and now they have 2000 beneficiaries.

Travelettes Of Bangladesh, Dhaka
Travelettes of Bangladesh promotes empowerment of women for raising voice against any violence, and giving basic self-defense training. Dr Sakia and her friend Dr. Manohi Saha has started its journey from Dhaka in the year 2016 and now they have 23,000 members and more than 100 beneficiaries.

University Tea Student Association, Moulvibazar
University Tea Student Association ensure education for tea workers children for this they provide free education, promote education awareness program among them. Raju Kurmi from Moulvibazar has founded this organization in 2012 from that onwards they have 2000 beneficiaries, 4000 volunteers are working.

Vorer Alo, Chattogram
Vorer Alo has started its journey with a mission to educate street children. Their main agenda is to support and educate street children with culture, leadership, and through other activities. Shafiqul Islam khan has founded this in 2007 in Chattogram and now they have 109170 beneficiaries and 1670 members.

Wish for Better Jamalpur, Jamalpur
Wish for Better Jamalpur’s main objective is to organize debate, and book reading competition for the orphan students to develop their communication and reading school. Founder Sozib Mia has started these initiatives in 2014 since then now they have 700 volunteers, 300 members and 1.5 lac beneficiaries.

Youth Net for Climate Justice, Barishal
Youth Net for Climate Justice is led by young people in Barishal to fight against climate crisis and prepare everyone to be resilient against the changing climate. It was established in 2016 and chief coordinator Shakila Islam is working from the beginning and till now they have 500 beneficiaries and 1200 members involved.