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October 31, 2018
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March 4, 2019
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Way Forward Meeting with Young Bangla’s Joy Bangla Youth Award winning organizations of 2018

Young Bangla organized a two-day long ‘Way Forward Network Meeting’ at Santoor Restauraunt at Dhaka on 5thand 6thFebruary 2019 with the Joy Bangla Youth Award winner of 2019. 

The first day kicked-off with a warm welcome of the newest awardees to the Young Bangla network. The main agenda of the network meeting were to explore further scopes of strengthening the Young Bangla network with the award winner of 2018 and to share Young Bangla’s scopes to work in collaboration with these organizations on upcoming events ‘Mujib Year 2020-21’ and a campaign on ‘Women’s Safety in Public Places’.

Day one began with highlighting three major areas; Introduction to Young Bangla, scopes and opportunities available at Young Bangla and discussion on Mujib Year 2020-21.

The first session was to draw an introduction to Young Bangla and its secretariat. A Group Discussion session was held on- ‘How can Young Bangla secretariat play a more effective role of facilitator for the Joy Bangla Youth Awardees network?’  In the last segment, the concept of ‘Mujib Year’ was discussed with the participants, Young Bangla aimed to mark the year of Bangabandhu’s 100th birthday and planned to celebrate the year along with the youth and children in two phases. The celebration ceremony titled as Mujib Year 2020-21’ where they shared their ideas on how their organizations can play a long-term role to celebrate Mujib Year jointly with Young Bangla.

Day two began with a group discussion on – how they can work together, where attendees was divided in 7 groups based on their respective fields. Each group came up with up to 5 projects they are planning to work jointly in a team with Young Bangla.

Last segment was designed to share thoughts on a Young Bangla Campaign on ‘Women’s safety in public places’. Primarily Pohela Boishakh, the first day of Bengali New Year is targeted as the action day.

This session circulated the information regarding the ‘harassment’, what does it mean, who are the harasser/offender, what are the solutions, who are the target recipient of the campaign and more importantly key objectives and prospects of this campaign.

This was the first official meeting with 2018’s Joy Bangla Youth Award winning organizations which ended with a clear understanding of their organizational activities and further scopes of working with Young Bangla in collaboration.