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Light to Life : Emerging Hope

It is estimated that 15 million people in Bangladesh suffer from a variety of mental health illness. Damage occurswhen we misunderstand mental illness — and its gravity. Nowadays, the tendency of committing suicide, violence, anger etc. become severe and frequent among theyounggeneration. The lack of knowledge is one of the major causes not to address this critical issue.

After losing a friend who committed suicide in 2016, Md. Labib TazoneUtshaband his friends formed Light to Life – a community organization aiming to addressthe importance ofyouth mental wellbeing and development. The vision of this organization is to disseminate the knowledge of mental well-being and support the young people aged 15-29 years by spreading the message: “Your struggle is a part of our story”.


One of the important initiativesof Light to Life is that they have designed a project to deliver the MFA- Mental First Aid to universities of Bangladesh. Light to Life has currently 600+ members and 120+ active volunteers who are working dedicatedly to develop different projects on mental wellbeing to empower the younggeneration to enhance knowledge and thought building process.

Light to Life has represented Bangladesh in differentplatforms by spreading their unique and outstanding initiatives. Their workhas been showcased with other international organizations in the renowned platform of Active Citizen Youth Leadership Program in the UK. Md. Labib TazoneUtshab, who is also a facilitator of Active Citizen Training program also shared his journey of Light to Life at the UK Parliament.

Light to Life has received Joy Bangla Youth award 2018 from Young Bangla – one of the biggest platforms of Bangladesh for its outstanding performance in community development. Young Bangla network appreciatestheir contribution tosocietyto bring a positive change about life among young people.