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Pran O Prokriti – Friends of Nature

People will not live if nature does not save. Nature is being attacked by devastating activities of human beings, wild animals with birds are being killed unnecessarily and thus, the natural eco-system and biodiversity are being destroyed slowly.

This poor condition of our present nature and environment affect our present lives and create an uncertain journey to live well in this world for future generations.

In rural areas, most people still do not know the killing of wild animals is a punishable offense. Wildlife is being killed unnecessarily due to ignorance and unconsciousness of our people.

In 2010, some young boys and girls from the area took the dams and roadside forestry programs to save the biodiversity of their area in Naogaon. Different species of birds came and nestled there when the trees are a bit bigger. So, these young people hang clay pitcher on the tree to keep the bird around. During summer, many birds lay eggs in hitchers. This innovative idea of those young group was captured by many newspaper and televisions media which led them to create “Pran O Prokriti” – a youth-led organization for the development of nature and environment. Volunteer organization “Pran O Prokriti” began on the journey in 2010 with great vow of saving biodiversity, and human service.

“The task of saving the biodiversity environment is very exciting but challenging. The volunteers of this organization have to work to deal with many adversities. They take many risks to catch bird hunters during winter” said Kazi Nazmul (founder of Pran o Prokriti)

To protect the migratory bird in winter, Pran O Prokriti creates many awareness programs in Naogaon. They also build safe sanctuary by planting Water hyacinth is a free-floating perennial aquatic plant and binding fence in many places surrounding by the river Atrai and its canals. The dedication and hard work these volunteers had made possible to create the country’s biggest bird colony in Naogaon. There are at present 13 bird colonies in Naogaon. Four members of Pran O Prokriti received Bangabandhu Award for Wildlife Conservation from Honorable Prime Minister for their such remarkable contribution in protection of forests and wildlife.

Pran O Prokriti also has projects on forestry. They regularly plant fruits and medicinal plants. They also have projects on fisheries to create employment opportunities for the youth of their communities.

In 2018, Pran O Prokriti received Joy Bangla Youth Award for its outstanding performance in Environment & Climate Change category. Young Bangla network appreciates their contribution to society to bring a positive change among young people and their communities.