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April 28, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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Bringing Smile for Haor People

Years of years the people of Hoar are experiencing the loss of crops due to the unexpected flood and season changes in their region. The severe impact of climate change is widely visible in this unique geographical area of Bangladesh which create concernon the livelihoods of Haor. Kashmir Reza and some like-mindedyoung people thus create an organization name Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha in 2010 to address the critical issues that need to be properly taken care to mitigate the impact. This organization creates an environmental movement to protect the livelihoods during the time of harvest. Besides, members of Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongsthaarrangea seminarwith local communities to identify the reasons and solutions of existing challenges. This has already been created a huge impact in their community and Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongsthais determined to take their movement to raise a national level awareness.

“The solution of Haor issues can only be solved by listening to the farmers and fishermen of this area. They are the most vulnerable to climate change and they can give the best solutions and recommendations to address their own problems. We need to listen to them first.” Said, KashmirReza.  With these credence, Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon shongsthaare arranging local to district level awareness conference and creating a platform for fishermen and farmers to talk about their problem, need and demand.

On 11thOctober 2018, Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongsthahas participated at the biggest farmers and fishermen conference in Haor’s history. The conference was inaugurated by the prime minister of Bangladesh via a video conference. In this conference,thousands of farmers and fishermen were participated and talked about their problems and needto the guests.

Haor people have got the fruits of their suffering and hard work. The government of Bangladesh has amended the ‘Kabita policy-2017’ after this conference which addresses a reflection of many demands presented by farmers and fishermen.

Besidesthe regular environmental movement initiatives of Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha, they also are taking projects and action plans to increase tourism in the beautifulHaor region. They have arranged a seminar on tourism development of Haor. The policy suggestions from this seminar werelater presented to the top policy level.

In 2018, Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongsthahas won Joy Bangla Youth Award for their remarkable contribution to Haor environment and development. Through this achievement, Young Bangla hopesthat the entire country will get to know Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongsthaand their initiative to protect the environmentand communities of Haor.