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May 9, 2019
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Spreading Hope, Social Welfare Institute

Social Welfare Institute was established in 2016 in Mymensingh which works for the neurodevelopment for specially challenged people through therapy like physio, music, speech, and language. Manas Kanti Saha is working for 2.5 years as a director for this institute.

The aim of this organization is to conduct various programs for the development of education and living standards of specially challenged people. The objectives of Social Welfare Institute are to actively work in the area of health, agriculture, and education and to take necessary initiatives to mitigate environmental hazards in their community to ensure a better future for children.

Their recent activities mostly cover elementary education for children with special needs. Children with special needs require enormous amounts of time, energy, and money. As a small organization, Social Welfare Institute is trying hard to provide the best for these kids.

The lack of knowledge of parents to raise a special child becomes a societal issue as these parents are criticized by extended families and neighbors for not being able to manage their children properly. Manas Kanti Saha thus thinks that parents of these children also need support and knowledge. Therefore, along with their other regular activity for children, Social Welfare Institute also arranges different types of seminars and workshops to educate parents.

At present, Social Welfare Institute is conducting regular meetings with child development therapists, child psychologists, speech and language therapists, and psychiatrist for monitoring the children admitted in their institute. This organization also provides vocational training to make specially challenged children self-reliant. At present Social Welfare Institute has 155 volunteers for their existing projects and till now this organization has 450 beneficiaries.

Social Welfare Institute wants to develop a day-care center for children with special needs. They want to provide the best for these children’s physical and mental growth and thus creating indoor and outdoor activity facilities for these kids. For their such remarkable contribution to the children of their community, Social Welfare Institute has received Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2018. They do not want to stop here. They dream big and work hard to make it bigger- which makes this organization ‘hope’ for many.