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May 2, 2019
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May 9, 2019
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Unity brings development & development shows success

Ekota Unnayon Shongothon is a non-profit voluntary organization run by people with disabilities. Along with 30 disable young people, Sumon Parvej (Founder of Ekota Unnayon Shongothon) formed this organization in 2014 to empower the people with disability with a moto – Unity brings development and development shows success.

The organization takes different types of social initiatives for the development of the underprivileged people of their community. Initially, Etoka Unnayon Shongothon started tree plantation and livestock farming program in the villages around them. Their main objective was to introduce Ekota Unnayon Shongothon through these programs so that people get to know their mission of empowering specially challenged people of their community. Etoka Unnayon Shongothon later successfully arranged jobs for specially challenged people of their community. They are now increasing their contacts with other companies and organizations to create job opportunities for disabled people.

Besides, Ekota Unnayon Shongothon arranges low-cost computer training program for disabled and disadvantaged people. This small organization is also playing a vital role in the educational development of disabled people. At present, 100 disabled students who are volunteers and beneficiaries of this organization are going to different schools, colleges, and universities of Jhenaidah district.

Since most of its members are disabled, Etoka Unnayon Foundation thus takes a number of social initiatives to improve the quality of lives of these people. Currently, they are 300 volunteers, 80 beneficiaries and 100 members with disabilities.

In 2018, Ekota Unnayon Shongothon received Joy Bangla Youth Award for their remarkable contribution to empowering specially challenged people of their community. The members of this organization think this achievement will speed up their work.