Young Bangla with Sajeeb Wazed
October 28, 2019
Bichchuron: Nationwide Innovative Idea Competition on Renewable Energy
December 15, 2019
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Young Bangla Bicchuron Dhaka Pitching: Where idea meets the substance

The Dhaka Pitching of Bicchuron ‘বিচ্ছুরণ‘Project held on 22nd November 2019, an initiative of Young Bangla, youth wing of Centre for Research and Information (CRI), in collaboration with Power Cell of Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources (MoPEMR), Green Delta Insurance Company Limited. – Bichchuron- is a nationwide innovative idea competition on renewable energy.

We received more than seven hundred applications with great ideas, as a result of a month-long online and offline call for application campaign in 50 university campuses and local institutions throughout the country. After a preliminary evaluation top hundred projects received invitation for ‘Dhaka Pitching’ to pitch their projects. Out of hundred best projects, thirty teams primarily got selected by the jury board. The selected teams will get the opportunity to attend a three-day long residential boot camp. Final top ten projects will be selected and funded to go for commercial operation and to scale-up sustainable business model.

It was really very difficult for our juries to select top thirty team among the submitted applications, because of the volume of applications and tremendously striking ideas. Though it is not possible to accommodate all the ideas for the final round, but these remaining thought-provoking ideas will definitely create scope for the related stakeholders working in the same area.

The projects evaluated based on three main criteria- ‘Creativity’, ‘Feasibility’ and ‘Impact’. Most of the youths came up with interesting and innovative ideas to tackle the real life energy problems and to contribute to the power and energy sector of Bangladesh. ‘Probaho’, ‘Team Straw Hat’, ‘Imaginator’, ‘BUBT_Representator’, ‘Celloctricity’ and ‘Team Voltage’ are some of the teams attended the Dhaka Pitching. Ideas of Mini-hydropower plant, Hydrothermal processing of biomass, Solar dryer, Electricity from plants and other unique solutions are examples of the received projects on renewable energy for Bicchuron.

There will be a residential boot camp with the selected 30 teams at Savar. Each team will get the grooming and mentoring for the final pitching at ‘Gala Event’ at the camp. Top 5 to 10 projects will receive a seed fund up to 10 lacs depending on the velocity of the ideas. Total amount of requisite fund for this project is BDT Fifty lacs (50,00,000) in total. Selected project will receive technical, strategic and logistics supports to roll out an easily scalable and implementable energy production solution. Though the project has some of its limitation to include all the ideas into the selected list in terms of number but this can be assured that the initiative of the idea submission on the renewable energy sector will definitely encourage the youth of Bangladesh to contribute to the overall sustainable development of Bangladesh.