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November 15, 2020
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February 7, 2021
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JBYA 2020 winners: Leading digital Bangladesh

Young Bangla congratulates all the Joy Bangla Youth Award (JBYA) 2020 winners who have been recognized for their outstanding contributions to society. We had many expectations and plans for Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 to fully celebrate MUJIB YEAR on the auspicious occasion of the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. However, this year’s process is different from the previous years due to the COVID 19 pandemic hence the award is being organized on the VIRTUAL PLATFORM.

Online registration of the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 began on September 25, 2020; which continued till October 15, 2020. Over 600 youth organizations committed and volunteered to bring positive change in society have applied for the ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020’ under two broad areas – Social Inclusion and Integrated Community Development. Later, Young Bangla team primarily shortlisted 103 applications and conducted another round of evaluation process to finalize the top 50 organizations through various levels of scrutiny and interviews. Young Bangla also formed a jury board to complete the final evaluation, who recommend the top 30 organizations out of 50 for the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020.

The virtual award-giving ceremony of the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020 held on November 17, 2020, where Sajeeb Wazed, ICT Adviser to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh declared the top 30 youth-led organizations’ names.

Bloodman HealthCare
Bloodman Healthcare is a non-profit and voluntary healthcare initiative by a pool of young doctors for the low-income segment of the population. Bloodman Healthcare holds free medical camps in the underprivileged communities, runs blood grouping campaigns, provide medicines and diagnostic services to the poverty-stricken communities. Bloodman Healthcare, established in 2014, is working to connect the young aspirant doctors with experts to create next-generation leadership in the healthcare sector. Bloodman Healthcare promptly connects blood donors with receivers. Bloodman aspires to see a Bangladesh where the low-income people will have access to affordable healthcare service.

MASTUL Foundation
MASTUL Foundation is a non-profit, social welfare and development organization. MASTUL is working to educate underprivileged children, provide food and health service to the distressed community people, help vulnerable women and provide relief in time of natural disasters. MASTUL, established in 2013, is serving the underprivileged people by utilizing the youth spirit of volunteerism. MASTUL aspires to see a children-friendly Bangladesh by ensuring their rights for access to education, health service and above all, safety from the injustice of society. MASTUL envisages a happy and healthy Bangladesh for children where their rights are protected.

World Youth Army
World Youth Army is a voluntary youth-led organization. They started their journey during the COVID-19 pandemic. The volunteers of World Youth Army fought the battle against the corona outbreak by raising fund to provide food aid to the daily wage earners who took the massive hit of the pandemic. They reached to people’s doorsteps with emergency relief in the lockdown areas, including food and medicine. They also provided monetary support to the people who lost jobs due to pandemic induced economic setback. World Youth Army’s long term vision is to make a hunger-free Bangladesh and peaceful society driven by youths ready to serve the people in times of emergency.

Central Boys of Raozan
Central Boys of Raozan is a youth-led organization operating in Raozan upazila (sub-district). Since its inception in 2015, Central Boys of Raozan is working to build a child marriage, sexual harassment and drug abuse free community in Raozan upazila. They are building a youth cohort who are engaging in the community service to address different social issues prevailing in their community. They are also inspiring the youth of Raozan by engaging them in the service of underprivileged community people. They are also building bridges between the local administration and community people by documenting different issues and reaching the local administration to help solve those issues. Central Boys of Raozan has put enormous effort during the COVID-19 crisis by distributing emergency relief and health safety kits among the people.

Mission Save Bangladesh Foundation
Mission Save Bangladesh is a social initiative of in partnership with The Daily Star and The Daily Samakal to fight against the economic impact caused by Coronavirus outbreak. As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit Bangladesh, Mission Save Bangladesh has conducted massive emergency response activities in the marginalized communities. They provided constant support to the marginalized communities during the pandemic by providing food aid, running an awareness campaign, raising funds for low-income people. Mission Save Bangladesh’s goal is to ensure food security for the marginalized community people and fight against hunger during any natural disaster or other crisis. They also working on economic empowerment of the SME and MSME business people who have been affected due to COVID-19 economic crisis.

Footsteps Bangladesh
Footsteps Bangladesh is a non-profit, development based social enterprise with a primary focus on addressing social challenges and improving current scenarios of health, environment and education sector in Bangladesh. “Empowering Communities, Changing Livelihoods”- with this motto in mind, Footsteps Bangladesh was founded in 2013 and dedicated to designing solutions which address Bangladesh’s most pressing social challenges, from safe water access to disaster resilience. Footsteps Bangladesh started their journey with winter aid distribution program and now grown into an organization which ensures pure and safe water access, food security, gender empowerment and disaster resilience in communities across Bangladesh through different projects. Footsteps Bangladesh’s goal is to empower communities by integrating the right set of skills and technologies to overcome their social challenges which are currently limiting their development.

Safety Management Foundation
Safety Management Foundation is a non-government organization working on education, research and disaster management in Bangladesh. “Safety First, Training Must”- with this motto in mind, Safety Management Foundation started its journey in 2015 to conduct capacity building initiatives and train up people on integrated disaster management with a focus on fire safety, earthquake management, road safety, search and rescue, first aid and effects of climate change. Safety Management Foundation wants to make a safe Bangladesh by sharing knowledge and experience to the mass people on disaster management, preparedness and crisis response. Safety Management Foundation also aims to train the school goers and youth volunteers in disaster preparedness and emergency crisis response.

Plastic Initiative Network (PIN)
Plastic Initiative Network is a youth-led organization and a platform of Climate Conservation Foundation that works on plastic pollution by means of voluntary exertions to create a sustainable eco-friendly environment throughout the globe. Plastic Initiative Network started its journey in 2018 to create a generation of young experts and utilize their skills by designing new solutions for mitigating plastic pollution. Plastic Initiative Network wants to become a strong environmental policy advocate against plastic pollution nationally and globally. They engaged a number of schools, colleges and universities where they conducted sessions on plastic pollution and its impact. Plastic Initiative Network envisages an ecofriendly environment for the future generation.

Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS)
Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS) is a youth-led nonprofit voluntary organization to spearhead direction and actions for leaders who wish to play critical role in sustainable social development. YESDS facilitates youth with a platform offering action-based learning programs about environment, climate change, and sustainable development. YESDS conducts climate literacy training which aims to enhance the capacity of youth to understand climate change and environmental protection.

Psycure Organization
Psycure organization is a non-profit volunteer organization mainly working on mental health issues and one of the fastest-growing mental health organizations in Bangladesh. Psycure operation mainly focuses on major mental health problems such as suicide prevention, depression, anxiety and career solutions. Psycure also provides counselling to people and holds programs on spreading mental health awareness among youths. Psycure also conducts workshops on stress management, anger management, dealing with depression, regulating emotions etc. Psycure promotes mental health awareness by designing and implementing innovative technology-based mental health services and conducting cutting edge research.

Dip Medical Services & Dipasha Foundation
Dip Medical Services & Dipasha Foundation started its journey in 2015 to provide medical treatment and support to underprivileged and low skilled people especially women and girls of Singra, Natore. Initially, it was a small diagnostic center which is now a 10-bed clinic. The clinic is dedicated to the treatment of women and young girls in the area. As part of the awareness campaign, Dip Medical Services & Dipasha Foundation organized free medical camps in different villages, high schools and colleges to educate young girls on preventive measures to reduce risks of various complications and life-threatening diseases. They share knowledge with rural women and young girls to reduce possible gynecological diseases and maternal illness.

Pohorcanda Adarsa Patagar (পহরচাঁদা আদর্শ পাঠাগার)
Pohorcanda Adarsa Patagar is a community library founded in 2011 in Pohorcanda village of Chakaria upazila (sub-district) in Cox’s Bazar district to create a society where self-learning and self-education will complement institutional education. Pohorcanda Adarsa Patagar distributes education material in the schools to prevent dropout rate. Pohorcanda Adarsa Patagar also active in different community services. The volunteers and beneficiaries of library activism successfully prevented child marriage and sexual harassment in their community.

Uttaran Juba Sangathan (উত্তরণ যুব সংগঠন)
Uttaran Juba Sangathan is a volunteer youth-led organization established in 2009 to serve the tea-garden community people. Uttaran Juba Sangathan works on education, skill development, youth development of the tea-garden community people. Since its inception, they are also working on integrated community development and their activities include the provision of education to tea-garden community people, develop their skill to reduce unemployment among them and constant support to develop their overall living standards.

Cinema Bangladesh
Cinema Bangladesh is a film society which aims to enhance the practice of filmmaking among young people of Bangladesh. Cinema Bangladesh organizes filmmaking workshops, international film festivals in rural areas of Bangladesh and engaging the people to watch, learn and make films. Cinema Bangladesh was established in 2017 to give the Bangladeshi youth a platform where they can engage in cultural activism through cinema. Cinema Bangladesh envisages establishing a global platform for Bangladeshi Films. Cinema Bangladesh is taking filmmaking to the grassroots level in Bangladesh.

Happy Natore
Happy Natore is a non-profit organization working to protect the rights of underprivileged children located in Natore in northern Bangladesh. Happy Natore was founded in 2012 with a vision to make a children-friendly Bangladesh where the rights of underprivileged children are protected and ensured. Happy Natore runs a school for underprivileged children where they provide free quality education, education material and school uniform. They also run co-curricular activities to instil the value of leadership among the students. Happy Natore also runs adult education program where destitute women receive basic education. They also conduct awareness-building programs among the underprivileged adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene, mental health, and adolescent health.

Sashtha Indriyo (ষষ্ঠ ইন্দ্রিয়)
Sashtha Indriyo is a social organization which is working to ensure childhood and adolescent safety. Its main objective is to educate adolescent groups about sexual and reproductive health. Besides, it also sensitizes and trains people particularly girls, about gender-based violence, self-protections, drag abuse etc. It closely works with girls of vulnerable background to aware about “bad-touch” and other forms of sexual harassment. The organization started its journey in the early part of 2019.

OBHIZATRIK Foundation is a voluntary organization working since 2010 in 32 districts with 4000 young volunteers. The foundation strives to eradicate poverty and hunger from the society. With support from some private organizations and individual assistance, it has provided livelihood support to 560 families living in different parts of the country. It also has elementary schools for children from disadvantaged families and free health service program. During Covid-19 lockdown, its volunteers supported low-income people with supplies and safety equipment. The organization is set to work extensively on nutrition and health awareness at the community level in the near future.

Miserable Welfare Association (মিসারেবল ওয়েলফেয়ার অ্যাসোসিয়েশন)
Miserable Welfare Association is a social organization which has been supporting a Bede (gypsy) community in the Sylhet region since 2017. Its members are working to raise their living standard. The. The members run a school to provide elementary education to a number of children belonging to that community. They also arrange livelihood training for adults and provide health service on a regular basis.

Hate Khori Foundation (হাতে খড়ি ফাউন্ডেশন)
Hate Khori Foundation is a voluntary organization working to ensure education for children of the fishing community in the southern part of Bangladesh. The organization’s prime objective is to see that children go to school and receive an education. The members support and sensitize the community about the importance of education for children. They provide financial support for school-going children. Besides, they arrange different cultural and recreation programs for children throughout a year. It was founded in the year 2018.
Ek Takay Shikkha is a social organization which assists students of disadvantaged background to continue education. The visionary members have initiated a scheme to support students through contributions from charitable people of the society. They have so far reached to over 1,200 students with education assistance. Starting from Chattogram district, they have extended their activity to five more districts. Besides the education assistance program, they arrange other charity events in different schools regularly. The organization started its journey in 2017.

Goodfeelm is a non-profit social organization. The film is the medium which it uses to bring about great changes in society. Goodfeelm reaches people with films as words to be told. The aim is to create awareness in the society through films as an act of storytelling. The films project awareness message regarding hunger, education, climate, clean water, sanitation, etc. The team moves from urban to remote locations and prepares docu-movies on different aspects of community life. They have been doing this since 2017.

Unmesh (উন্মেষ – সর্বত্র সর্বদা মানব সেবাই)
Unmesh is a non-political, not-for-profit, voluntary organization working for community development in the CHT region. The youth-led organization started as a blood donation group eight years ago. The members encourage people to donate blood, arrange blood grouping camp on different occasions and provide financial aid for poor patients. They organize regular events and online programs to keep the youth community engaged in sociocultural activities. The organization started its journey in 2012.

Ignite Youth Foundation
Ignite Youth Foundation (IYF) is a not-for-profit organization, runs by a group of youth, is working for women empowerment, child rights, poverty reduction and health and hygiene. IYF started its journey in 2016 with the motto “Know them, save them, make them”. IYF, through its school in Baunia (Uttora) area, provides free of cost education to 150 disadvantaged children. It provides training to the local women in tailoring. After training, they are placed in jobs. It arranges various workshops and training programs to provide different life-oriented skills to the volunteers, students, entrepreneurs, and youths of a disadvantaged background. The organization has 25000 volunteers, 485 university ambassadors, and 32 team members working across the country.

iTecH School
iTecH School is a platform which aims for solving the unemployment problem in Bangladesh. The motto is “Be Skilled, Be Smart”. The institution offers skill training and professional course which have market demand. It also guides its students about career and problem-solving It is going to offer skills training and certification for unemployed persons to work as a freelance in the future. iTecH School was founded in 2017.

Positive Bangladesh
Positive Bangladesh offers the youth a platform to nurture critical thinking and engage in creative activities transforming them into agents for change. It engages the youth positively with their communities and helps them develop a sense of purpose and belonging. The organization arranges creative events and competitions for youth community through online platforms as well as offline. It also publishes a magazine for the youth of Bangladesh. Positive Bangladesh wants to bring an alternative approach towards education to the table, to complement traditional institutional learning. It was founded in the year 2018.

Deshi Ballers
Deshi Ballers is a female-led sports development group working to create a platform for women and girls to be empowered through sports. Founded in 2018 by athletes Ashreen Mridha and Gulnahar Mahbub Monika, Deshi Ballers is one of the pioneer female-led sports development organizations for women in Bangladesh. Deshi Ballers Mission is to provide opportunities for females of all ages and backgrounds to learn and play basketball through training camps, tournaments, leagues, outreach programs and grooming of future female sports leaders. The organizers visit schools and colleges across the country, organizing various short camps and exhibition games, to showcase and promote women’s basketball.

Youth For Change Bangladesh
Youth For Change Bangladesh (YFC-BD) started working back in 2015, and eventually became a registered youth organization under the Department of Youth Development, Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Government of Bangladesh in 2019. YFC-BD has been working on the issues of gender-based violence (GBV), sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), and youth development. It arranges capacity building program on various topics such as gender, climate action, and youth development. The trainers of YFC-BD have conducted sessions on these topics in different districts of Bangladesh, such as Dhaka, Barishal, Bhola, Rangpur, Patuakhali, and Khulna. YFC-BD, in collaboration with other like-minded organization, ran several campaigns against rape and sexual harassment.

Centre for Rights & Development of persons with Disabilities (CRDD)
CRDD started its journey with the vision to build an inclusive world where Persons with disabilities turn into Persons with enormous possibilities. Since 2016, CRDD has been working in the area of disability health and rehabilitation, career building, skill-up, entrepreneurship development, and disability rights activities. Generate employment opportunities for persons with disabilities is the prime focus at the moment. To facilitate entrepreneurship among person with disabilities, CRDD provides skill trainings. So far, over 500 persons with different forms of disabilities received support from the organization.

Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation
Bangladesh Wheelchair Sports Foundation (BWSF) is working to ensure the participation of all physically challenged athletes and sports enthusiasts of Bangladesh in all types of sports and their overall development through sports. Currently, BWSF is engaged in 7 games and working with 40 athletes with various physical disabilities and ensuring their physical and psychological well-being. The organization has been working with national-level government, private, and social welfare organizations, as well as various international sports organizations and associations. BWSF advocates for wheelchair-based sports at local, national and international arenas. The organization started its journey in 2018.

Hobiganj Association for Autism and Social Development (HASSI)
Hobiganj Association for Autism and Social Development (HASSI) strives to support and transform lives of special need children through therapeutic and skill development services. The initiative was commenced in 2014. HASSI Special Children School for autistic children is run by the organization. The services are free of cost. The organization works at the community level raising awareness regarding autism. It also provides counselling support for the parents of autistic children.

Apart from recognition and award, the JBYA2020 winners will a laptops and receive assistance from Young Bangla, through a mentorship program, in terms of capacity development, networking and exposure in different online and offline media.