Journey to Excellence with Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021
December 30, 2021
Pathfinder of 50: Young Bangla pays tribute to real-life heroes working quietly
January 28, 2022
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Introducing winners of Joy Bangla Youth Award 2021

CRI’s youth platform Young Bangla conferred Joy Bangla Youth Award (JBYA) 2021 to 15 youth-led organizations for their contributions to society and the country.

This year’s award marked Bangladesh’s golden jubilee and Mujib’s birth centenary. The ceremony was held on 20 December 2021 while strictly maintaining covid-19 health measures. This year, Young Bangla introduced “Pathfinder of 50”, a special recognition to individuals/initiatives who have made significant contributions to the post-independence nation-building process through leadership, service, initiatives, and research. Radwan Mujib Siddiq, Trustee, CRI, handed over the crests to the JBYA winning organizations, Pathfinders and the jury of the award. HPM Sheikh Hasina, ICT Affairs Advisor to the PM and CRI Chairperson Sajeeb Wazed virtually addressed the ceremony through pre-recorded message.


Organization Name: The Tech Academy

The Tech Academy, established in 2013, aims to gamify the education and learning system. It focuses on nurturing the kids aged 8 to 16 and leading them for the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ by teaching futuristic technology skills, such as Animation, Coding, Game Development, and Robotics. It has 1000+ beneficiary students, It also has international operations in Jakarta and San Francisco. Mohammed Shams Jabber received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF)

Dhrubotara Youth Development Foundation (DYDF), established in 2000, has been working for the last 21 years for youth empowerment and better Bangladesh through various social activities. DYDF has expanded their activities across 44 districts and reached to help out about half a million people with the help of 48000 youth volunteers. DYDF is working for marginalized young people and ensuring minority right. Amiya Prapan Chakraborty (Arka) received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Asmani Jubo Nari Foundation

Asmani Jubo Nari Foundation has been working as an organization for adolescent girls and young women since 2016. The founder herself is a child-marriage survivor. Since then she is working to stop child marriages and successfully stopped 294 child marriages. This organization is working to empower local women entrepreneurs through training, workshop and engagement so that women can stand against all forms of discrimination, deprivations, inequality and gender-based violence. It has trained about 2,595 women on tailoring. It has also established a low-cost sanitary napkin producing factory to supply sanitary napkins to 5 local schools. During the pandemic, they financially supported more than 100 women and girls, distributed free masks, sanitiser and sanitary napkins among 5000 poor girls and women in the community. Shirin Akther Asa received the award on behalf of the organization  .


Organization Name: Amal Foundation

AMAL Foundation, established in 2014, is working in the remote Char areas of Bangladesh to ensure better livelihood, healthcare and quality education for the vulnerable communities. Currently, AMAL works with more than 52,00 beneficiaries in different villages of Bangladesh. It has a social business Azowa that showcases and sells products made by local women artisans, Through Azowa, it has raised 52,000 USD and reinvested in different philanthropic activities. It also runs 3 pre-schools for the marginalized kid. Forbes recognized the founder as a young leader under 30 Asia. Esrat Karim Eve received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Third EYE

Third-EYE started its journey in 2019 with the slogan “Share the Responsibility.” It is a voluntary organization that deals with all the problems of visually impaired students. They help such students by supplying university-level audiobooks or class records, arranging computer training, debate sessions, pronunciation training, and other vocational and personal skill development projects. They also help them find stenographers during their exams. Till now they have helped more than 400 visually impaired persons to make their life easier. Masrur Ishraq received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: EcoVation Bangladesh

EcoVation Bangladesh is a research & innovation-based social enterprise, established in 2015. It has impacted 1,50,000 lives with its innovation-focused volunteering approach. It helped about 90,000 people including Rohingya refugees with their volunteer-made water bottle lamp, bottle solar lamp, and streetlights. 3000 underprivileged became solar engineers by taking training sessions. it has installed 20+ solar-powered water purification systems at free-of-cost that ensures clean water to more than 50,000 people. I also trained hundreds of women on reusable pad making. Sanjidul Alam Seban Shaan received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Bangladesher Dushprappo Chobi Somogro

Bangladesher Dushprappo Chobi Somogro, established in 2016, is working to preserve national historical photographs and prevent the distortion of historical information. This platform is trying to spread the founding values of Bangladesh through social media. It has collected and disseminated about 70000 rare photos. It is now planning to initiate a ‘Digital Museum’ in near future. It has almost 1.1 million followers on its social media platform and its average reach is almost 1 lakh per post. Giridhar Dey received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Steps Ahead

Steps Ahead, established in 2018, aims to work for the people of the coastal zone. Along with awareness-raising on gynecological health complexities & hygiene kits distribution programs, it is leading several social-scientific innovation projects and conducting studies on salinity, migration, women & children’s vulnerability. It also provides training on handicraft making, sewing, graphics designing. It has a project called home-factory where a female can engage her in income-generating activities from her home by making environment-friendly products handicrafts. Shahana Afrin Dina received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Moner School

Moner School started in 2018 as a youth-led mental health and wellbeing platform for the youth. It provides counselling sessions to mass young people, educate and equip them with mental health and emotional wellbeing literacy through training and workshops. In 2019, it organized workshop on Mental Health Toolkit at Khulna University with 130 young people. It has reached 11000 youths who contribute towards creating a non-judgmental community to share thoughts and problems. It has representatives in 35 educational institutions to operate in those institutions. Fairooz Faizah Beether received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: TransEnd

TransEnd, established in 2018, is a youth-led non-profit organization that aims to bridge the gap among the transgender, hijra & gender-diverse community and the mainstream community through education, training, healthcare, employment & entrepreneurship. It arranges various online and offline sensitization programs, skill-development workshops, and awareness-building campaigns, it has sensitized around 345000 general people. Around 185 marginalized hijras got skilled training in different trades. And, 124 transgender people have joined in mainstream jobs. Lamea Tanjin Tanha received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Reflective Teens

Reflective Teens, established in 2013, aims to bring out and incubate creativity to the fullest of this budding generation. and over the last 8 years. It has influenced over 100000 creative teenagers. It has affiliation with many institutions around the world including organizations from the UK, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Bhutan, etc. Yusuf Ibne Yakub Munna received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: GenLab

Genlab, established in 2015, is working on 3 thematic areas. Peace and diversity are one of Its core areas of work. It has reached more than 300000 people through its advocacy programs on religious and communal harmony. It is also working in the area of climate change. Peace Caravan is one of its latest initiatives, which has inspired and educated urban youths and professionals on inclusive and peaceful community living through means of art and digital presence. Ratul Dev received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Diner Alo Hijra Unnyon Mohila Songstha

Transgender community led Diner Alo Hijra Unnyon Mohila Songstha, established back in 2002, works to create an inclusive society for hijra community in the context of Bangladesh. It advocates among the students and teachers to enable a hijra child to continue his/her studies in a mainstream educational institute. It also provides training to transgender people to become self-independent and earn on their own, hence many hijras have left their traditional profession of hijragiri and become entrepreneurs. Alongside the transgender community, it also assists marginalized people (women, disabled, and aged) to get enlisted in the social safety net programs. It also has almost 900 direct beneficiaries. Abu Hasan (Joyta Poly) received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Bangladesh Tea Community Student Youth Council

It, established in 2014, to create awareness on the demerits of alcohol consumption among backward and financially insolvent tea community people. It raises awareness among people through sharing presentations, campaigns, and distributing leaflets and posters. It organizes quiz competitions and encourages the students to carry forward their studies. It also provides guidance related to university admission tests, accommodation and food support to the candidates, helping them in raising funds for university admission. Rigan Kumar Kanu received the award on behalf of the organization.


Organization Name: Medhabi Kallyan Sangstha (MKS)

Medhabi Kallyan Sangstha (MKS), established in 2012, aims to help underprivileged students who face hurdles to continue their studies due to financial restraints. It provides food, clothing, scholarships (monetary help) among the poor students of the Chillmari, Kurigram region. Besides, it provides extra lessons and guidance to early grade students. As a result of its efforts, 14 students got admission in public universities including DU, RUET, Begum Rokeya, BU, Haji Danesh University, Khulna Agricultural University and 5 students in government nursing institutes through incentive scholarships. It also facilitated 2 girls to get enrolled in BKSP. MKS has helped about 376 students to continue their studies in different phases. Md. Nurul Alam received the award on behalf of the organization.