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August 6, 2021
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Moner School- A Place for Everyone

Fairooz Faizah Beether, co-founder of Moner School from Khulna working to create awareness among people on mental health issues

Fairooz met several participants in a training session in 2018. They had different stories with similar struggles related to mental health. In that training session they formed a team to address a prevailing problem in our society and to design a solution for it. As they were coping with different levels of difficulties in life, they chose mental health problem eradication as a community project. And their journey continues, that team has become the ‘Moner School’ today. Organization’s name itself symbolizes what they are working for.

 Primarily working as an awareness building platform ‘Moner School’ tries to reach out to people through innovative awareness campaigns. Being a voluntary youth organization striving for better cause they’ve always believed in empowering individuals and putting them in charge of their own mental health; which they do by teaching people how to live a mindful life. They also provide first aid mental healthcare through trained ‘para counsellors’ to ensure every community has a self-sustainable model. Along with these, they provide one to one counselling sessions, support groups and anonymous stories sharing through their online platform. One to one counselling sessions in secondary educational institutions is in the pipeline to their upcoming activities list.

 ‘Moner School’ has supported 11000+ people through their dynamic service system within only 3 years and reached more than 70,000+ people through their activities. One of the co-founders, Fairooz Faizah Beether, has won the Goalkeepers Global Goals Changemaker Award by Gates foundation for Moner School’s exemplary work. They have received ‘Joy Bangla Youth Award’ in 2021 for their remarkable support to the society.

‘Moner School’ hopes to ensure mental health literacy in every school of Bangladesh by 2030. They aspire to build a country where everyone has access to mental health information and services. They also desire to empower the mass population with the toolkits of selfcare.