Joy Bangla Youth Award (JBYA) 2022: Application starts from 20th July
July 14, 2022
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August 10, 2022
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Apply Now for The Joy Bangla Youth Award 2022!

The long wait is over. Application for the most awaited Joy Bangla Youth Award (#JBYA2022) has started. The application submission for the JBYA 2022 has been started on July 20 and will end on August 31 2022. This year, a youth organization can apply under the following categories:

  1. Women Empowerment
  2. Child Rights
  3. Empowering the People with Disabilities
  4. Empowering Vulnerable People
  5. Employment and Innovation
  6. Creativity and Recreation
  7. Knowledge and Capacity Development
  8. Empowering Extreme Poor
  9. Environment and Climate Change Activity
  10. Health Care and Awareness
  11. Sociocultural Initiatives
  12. Disaster Risk Reduction & Emergency Response

Only youth organizations are eligible to apply. Applicants (President or Secretary) should not be older than 35 years on 31st Dec 2022 and must be a citizen of Bangladesh. Applicants or founders of the Organization must be inhabitants of their respective localities and must have been engaged in community service for more than 18 months either in a professional or voluntary capacity. The organizations should be in existence for a period of no less than 2 years. Young Bangla encourages university-based clubs working for the youth community within the university through community service, campaigns, and activities to apply for this award.

Applicant organizations will go through a rigorous selection process consisting of tests, visits, and jury evaluation. The declaration of award winners and the award-giving ceremony is expected to be held in November 2022. Young Bangla will showcase the award winners’ stories of change on its platforms.

Joy Bangla Youth Award is geared up with a vision to recognize the best youth organizations in Bangladesh for their humanitarian works and contribution to society. If you think you represent one of those organizations and your works are exemplary, hurry up and apply to the 6th Joy Bangla Youth Award 2022.

To apply, click the link:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) for the Joy Bangla Youth Award:

  1. Can I apply from outside Bangladesh?
    You have to be a Bangladeshi Citizen to apply for the Joy Bangla Youth Award -2022. Also, your organization’s work should have a footprint in Bangladesh
  2. Can I reapply if nominated / winner last year?
    If you are “nominated” in the previous year, you can apply but if you are a “winner” you cannot re-apply.
  3. Is registration of the organization compulsory for application?
    Organization registration is not mandatory for the application.
  4. Can an individual apply without an organization?
    Only the organization can apply.
  5. Our organization has won more other awards, can we apply?
    You can apply even if the organization achieves anything without the Joy Bangla Award.
  6. Can we apply as our organization works at the grassroots level?
    Organizations working in any part of Bangladesh can apply.
  7. In case of emergency / need, who should I contact / where should I contact?
    If required, this number can be contacted on +8801841202147 (Sun-Thursday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm).
  8. How do I know if our application has been accepted?
    The nominated / winning applicant organizations will be informed after the stipulated time and also a confirmation email and SMS will be sent to you after submission of the application.
  9. Our organization works on multiple issues, how do I determine a category?
    Among the many activities of the organization, a category has to be determined based on the main activities in or you are specialized in.
  10. I am the founder of the organization. I am over 35 years of age. Can any representative of the organization apply?
    Yes, but the applicant must be below 35 years of age and must be the organization’s CEO / President / Vice-President / General Secretary / Treasurer.
  11. My organization does not have a Facebook page, but I have a personal ID. Can I use it?
    No. You must have a separate Facebook page for the organization. Facebook ID only applies to individuals. If your organization does not have a page, open one now.
  12. There is no reference to fill the form. How to understand where to write?
    You can answer the questions in the form in your way. If we give a reference, everyone’s answer is likely to be the same. In that case, we may have problems while evaluating or verifying the application. Whether you can write with the correct answers to the questions is also part of your eligibility for the award.
  13. Can I update the form information after submitting the form?
    No, you will not be able to update the information on the award application form.
  14. When will the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2022 be given?
    Joy Bangla Youth Award 2022 will be given in the last week of October or early November.