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“Let’s Talk” on Green Transition at Independent University, Bangladesh

Young Bangla, the youth platform of Centre for Research and Information (CRI) organized “Let’s Talk”— a youth centric advocacy event on 4th August, 2022 at Independent University, Bangladesh. The theme of the event was “Green Transition”.

Nasrul Hamid MP, State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Bangladesh and Trustee, CRI; Waseqa Ayesha Khan MP, Chair, Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources; Dr. Mohammad Tamim, Professor of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Engineering, BUET; Rebecca Sultana, President and Founder, Youth Environment and Social Development Society (YESDS) were the panelists of the event. “Let’s Talk” on Green Transition began with the welcome remark of the Vice-Chancellor of Independent University, Bangladesh.

With a view to set the context of the event, the moderator provided a brief overview of Bangladesh’s power and energy sector with special emphasis on clean energy.

The panel discussion began with climate activist Rebecca Sultana’s take on climate literacy and green life skills. She discussed how climate literacy and green life skills are interconnected and can make us aware about the responsible consumption of limited natural resources.

As the Chair of the Parliamentary Standing Committee of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, how the committee holds the ministry accountable, Waseqa Ayesha Khan MP said,

“What does the parliamentary standing committee do? As public representatives, we track the ministry’s activities and progress of different projects, provide necessary recommendations for implementation and hold them accountable.” -Waseqa Ayesha Khan MP

Dr. Mohammad Tamim has brought the technical expert’s insights into the discussion. On energy import he said,

“One thing you have to understand, less than 10% of countries are energy independent. The rest are importing countries, they have to import some part of the energy. For energy security, we opted for multiple sources and multiple types of energy. This multiplicity will give us better energy security.”- Dr. Mohammad Tamim

On the current energy mix and Bangladesh’s transition to clean energy and recent policy framework, Nasrul Hamid MP said that 40% of energy will come from clean sources by the year 2041. He added that Bangladesh adopted a pragmatic clean energy policy to reduce carbon emissions. He said,

“Bangladesh formulated the power system master plan in 2010 and 2016 and currently reviewing the upcoming masterplan. The plan envisions to generate 10% of electricity from clean energy by 2030 and 40% by 2041. What we mean by clean energy is less carbon emission for power generation.”- Nasrul Hamid MP, State Minister for Ministry of Power, Energy & Minarel Resources

As the discussion evolved, the youth participants of the event asked some intriguing questions to the panelists regarding the existing power and energy policy framework, energy mix, state of the energy security and also provided some policy recommendations.

“Let’s Talk” on Green Transition covered a wide range of topics such as the use and future of electric vehicles, renewable energy policy, energy security, adoption of energy-efficient industry and home appliances, responsible consumption, green life skills, ways to popularize the use of the solar system, exploration of untapped deep-sea mineral resources. The discussion provided a unique opportunity to the youth to connect with the policymakers and voice their concerns regarding Bangladesh’s green transition.



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