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August 10, 2022
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Amal Foundation: Undertaking an Adventure to Construct Social Rights

With a mission to build a liveable Bangladesh, AMAL Foundation began its journey in 2014. Its major working areas are child education, women and youth empowerment, health facility, and emergency response services. Esrat Karim Eve, the founder of AMAL Foundation, holds a passion for gender equality, children’s rights, refugee rights, social business, and youth leadership. It is currently working to benefit over 5200 beneficiaries with the assistance of 400 youth volunteers across the country. 

AMAL foundation is one of the pioneers in establishing a model village in Rohingya camps for refugees, especially widows.  To date, it has 470 shelters which include facilities like sanitation, a skill building center, child-friendly learning center, prayer center, and deepwater clean filter systems. Over 3,00,000 refugees are part of this well-being project.  AMAL Foundation has set up 5 skill training centers in Bogra and Teknaf to empower female beneficiaries who are victims of child marriage, dowry, domestic violence, dishonored for divorced, and widowed. These skill centers provide training in crafting accessories, soap and candle making, and other handicrafts. Products produced by beneficiaries are getting sold by Azowa, a social enterprise platform of this foundation. 

AMAL Foundation runs 3 schools for underprivileged children and women with a vision to create an educated society. Other projects of this foundation include Rukhe Darao Campaign, Empowered Women, Empower Families, Help the Rohingya Families Survive, Winter Aid Distribution, and Give Zakat Confidently. Its vision is to ensure basic rights for the most deprived community, capacity development of young and women, and create a safe and healthy community.