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November 21, 2022
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Pathfinder Award 2022: Young Bangla recognizes ‘Unmad’ and Younguang Mro as Pathfinders

Young Bangla first introduced “Pathfinder” in 2021, a special recognition for individuals/ institutions/ initiatives who have made significant contributions to the post-independence nation-building process through their leadership, service, initiatives, and research. In continuation of the previous year, this year Young Bangla recognized a satire magazine ‘Unmad’ and a researcher and writer Younguang Mro for their extraordinary path-breaking contributions to society.


Unmad is an iconic publication on the country’s popular culture based on vernacular cartoons and satire. This is the steadiest satire magazine in Bangladesh and the only satire magazine in South Asia to last for four decades which brought to light numerous political, international, contemporary, and social issues in an exceptional sarcastic, and socially critical way. The Editor in Chief- Ahsan Habib took a huge leap of faith in making cartoons professionally and establishing Unmad as a monthly magazine for the public. Unmad arranges cartoon workshops for young cartoon enthusiasts and looks forward to creating an animated feature film in the future. They have been awarded the ‘Pathfinder’ for their invaluable contribution to the artistic presentation of cartoons on Bangladesh’s political and social situation, for more than 40 years.


Younguang Mro

A writer and researcher who is “like a ray of light in the remote dark Chittagong hill tracts” has been awarded the ‘Pathfinder’ award for his invaluable contribution to the sociocultural development of the Mro Community. He produced the first grammar book ‘Totong’ in the language of the Mro Community and wrote the first fiction in the Mro language titled “Mro Fairy Tales”. He has also been working on the Renmitachya language since 2013. Only six people of Bandarban speak this language. Moreover, he translated and published the historic 7 March speech of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman into Mro Language to disseminate the values, meaning, and foundation of the Liberation War among his community. A Jhum farmer by heart wants to motivate the young generation of his community to preserve the language, which is exemplary and inspiring to many.