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January 24, 2023
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Network Meeting with JBYA 2020

On January 10, 2023, Young Bangla organized a day-long Network Meeting with the achievers of the Joy Bangla Youth Award for 2020 at the Santoor Restaurant in Dhaka. A total of 38 JBYA2020 achievers participated. The meeting’s objectives were to familiarize them with Young Bangla, record each participant’s organizational journey, increase their skills in project proposal writing, and effective social media use, and motivate them to work together.

The meeting began with welcoming JBYA2020 achievers through an interactive ice-breaking session. After briefly introducing Young Bangla’s journey, Professor Roshidul Hasan conducted a workshop on developing project proposals. Then the achievers participated in a group activity where four different ICT-based projects were drafted. The YB team also assisted them in drafting proposals by offering strategic assistance. The proposals are –

  • Bring special education to marginalized
  • Delivering mother and child care services to pro-poor
  • Medicine delivery to remote areas
  • Portable refreshment cart

In parallel, the YB team interviewed them and captured their organizational journey stories with help from the creative team. The team also collected the profiles of the participating organizations, which would be utilized for rebranding and YB creative content creation. Finally, there was a session on having an effective social media presence where they learned how to brand and showcase their activity on distinct digital platforms.