1971, Millions of people sacrificed their life and blood to get an independent nation called “Bangladesh”. In this nation of braves and freedom fighters how people can die not getting blood at right time despite having 160 million plus people? This a billion-dollar question, right? So why not inspiring more people to be hero for nation.

In 2014, collecting blood was one of the most difficult tasks visiting different blood banks or organizations. It was rare finding blood in hospital blood banks and all the blood donation organizations manage donors contacts in different tokens by which is only available to different volunteers of those organizations. With the vision of creating a national level database of blood donors Bloodman initiated its journey on 23rd December 2014 as First Digital Blood donation platform of the country. It introduced its call center to make match with donors from nearest location which ensure no physical visit to get blood donor and reduced time and cost to get blood donors. In 2016 BRAC and 2020 ICT Division provided a seed fund to extend the professional call center for Blood donation operation. Bloodman provided “Free Ride” services for blood donors for a long period of time, now it is working with BTS hospital to send van to collect blood from donors. Its call center uses its database of 100K donors in the emergency blood request and it use the Facebook tool for regular case.

The everlasting digital blood donation ecosystem built by Bloodman, Facebook and ICT Division.  Bloodman is providing support and consulting to Facebook on developing its blood donation tool in context of Bangladesh since 2017. Officially the partnership announced in April 2020 connecting ICT Division on jointly providing to training to different hospitals to use this tool to find blood donors. Currently hundreds of hospitals have been trained in the pilot phase and hopefully thousands of hospitals will be trained in next year. Bloodman is providing list of hospitals, their location, and details to Facebook to make easier for people to find in Facebook. It also run “Blood donation challenge” to make more people register in Blood donation tool. Bloodman and Facebook is supplementing each other reaching the goal of promoting digital blood donation by hospitals to adopt it. This is a sustainable solution which is enhancing the capacity of hospitals by managing donors itself using digital blood donation tool.

Large portion of the country is digitally divided and missing opportunity in accessing different health services besides blood crisis. So Bloodman is always focused on providing multiple healthcare services to most remote areas. It organized 70 plus health camps to provide free medical consultation and medicine to underprivileged people which supported 30 thousand families. To scale the operation, it introduced Telemedicine service which is a phone call based medical consultation service for marginalized people and also field force employees of different companies in March 2020. It is continuously focusing on extending to remote areas. Currently Bloodman partners up with Turkish Embassy in Dhaka and Robi launching “Tour for Social Goods” to continuously organize health camps till 2021 in different parts of the country to provide health services, COVID-19 safety awareness, tree plantation, beach cleaning and promoting telemedicine. TIKA, Turkish government joined the initiative to provide free medicine in remote areas and urban slums. The telemedicine service brought around one million people in its coverage. Bloodman operated Chat based medical consultation service from April to June 2020 via its Facebook page so that people don’t get panicked rather take consultation. Bloodman also introduced “Greengen Movement” building your own oxygen factory with Ministry of youth and sports as a global movement to make the world greener. Dr. Monzur Hossain Chowdhury added Bloodman has got Joy Bangla Youth Award 2020, eCma Award 2020, BASIS Award 2020 and numerous other awards which motivated its volunteers dedicate more for nation.

“Rokto jokhon diyechi rokto aro debo, edesher manushke mukto kore sarbo, InshaAllah” This statement changed the faith of a nation for eternity. Its founder Md Sahariar Hasan Jiisun also believes to set such vision which can transform our nation and provide the benefit for digital healthcare to the last mile of Bangladesh. Bloodman envision a country where every person gets proper healthcare access. It is creating an aggregated platform with digital health services where multiple organizations can join with multiple healthcare services. Any person can directly access or take assistance from pharmacy employees to connect with doctors. Primarily they can take telemedicine service, if required nationally geo mapped hospitals and specialists’ doctors will be suggested. Jiisun is tremendously passionate to upgrade the quality of life of the underprivileged people of Bangladesh by connecting them with proper healthcare services.