JBYA 2017 Divisional Meeting at Rajshahi

Young Bangla has officially begun its journey toward this year’s Joy Bangla Youth Award, organizing its Divisional Meets nationwide. The 2nd divisional meet was in Rajshahi city at the Postal Academy conference hall.

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Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017: Idea Circle organized in Dhaka

Centre for Research and Information (CRI) organized a day-long “Idea Circle” on April 24, 2017 at the Santoor Restaurant in Dhanmondi, Dhaka as part of the preparation for the upcoming Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017, scheduled for October.

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SRDL: The making of Digital Bangladesh

How often do we see ourselves really good at doing something that we have started learning as a child?

Science also supports this. The best time to start learning something is early years because it is during childhood that human brains are in the best condition to keep something stored for life.

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LET’S TALK: Reducing inequalities cornerstone of social change

What would you do if you were a parliamentarian? There are many things you could do – try to make sure that there are enough doctors in the villages, expand education facilities for specially-abled children, increase the daily wage of tea-garden workers, improve civic facilities, and so on.

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NATIONAL CHILDREN’S DAY : Up close and personal with Bangabandhu’s memories

We are talking about the most dynamic personality anyone has ever seen – a fierce political leader, a fearless rebel, daunting statesmen, and above all, the biggest dreamsayer for the Bangalees.

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JOY BANGLA CONCERT 2017 : Spirit of immortal Joy Bangla still going strong

It’s amazing how a simple two-letter slogan can keep inspiring generations and still go strong even half a century after it was coined. And the overwhelming success of the Joy Bangla Concert 2017, the third of kind in three years, is a testimony of that.

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Joy Bangla Concert 2017: A Thread, Binding Music and History

Music can work as a joining thread between youth and patriotism. From the reflection that, music can be the bridge between youth and the true history of the country,

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ICT Training for SRDL Representatives will Start from 9th February

Works are well underway to start the implementation of the much awaited ICT training course for around 2,10,000 school and college students in different digital labs set up in schools across the country. 

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Kormoshopan Pataton career camp: The pathway to promising careers

Qualifying for Dhaka University was a dream-come-true for Shampa Rani Roy, a shy girl from the sleepy town of Rangpur. She graduated from the Faculty of Humanities with excellent grades and should have been headed for a promising career. 

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Young Bangla-CRI to Help ICT Division Engage Youth with SRCLL

Under the mainstream agenda of establishing a digital Bangladesh, Government has taken initiatives to set up country wide computer and language training labs titled ‘Sheikh Russell Digital Labs and ‘Sheikh Russell Computer and Language Training Lab’. As part of the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative, students will be provided with IT and foreign language skills in these labs, leading to a ‘digitalized generation’ from their early schooling. 

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by Suranjit; 01730012393