Extending the Network

Extending the Network

Since the inception Young Bangla has established itself as one of the largest youth networks in Bangladesh. In the last five years, it has strung together a large number of young achievers, leaders, and youth-led organizations from all corners of Bangladesh who have been contributing relentlessly to change the fate of their communities. Their impressive and inspiring stories are documented and disseminated across the network.

Young Bangla extended its presence to the district level by organizing local-level networking programs and activities. At the initial stage, focus group discussions were conducted at divisional cities throughout the year 2015. To strengthen the nationwide network by engaging public and private sectors, Young Bangla organized a series of network meetings with the members and partners. The winners of the Joy Bangla Youth Award (JBYA), interns of the Vision 2021 Internship Program, SRDL coordinators, TechHub coordinators, entrepreneurs, general members and representatives of public and private sectors participated in those meetings. JBYA winners and other network members meet regularly and have already drafted a plan to launch several projects.

Engaging youth through both offline and online media is one of the core activities. Young Bangla now proudly connects a network of 30,000 active members, 15,000 enlisted volunteers, nearly 350 organizations and a whopping 353,682 Facebook followers.

Young Bangla continuously guides an individual’s idea/effort to transform into more formal organizational initiatives. The network, invigorated by new ideas and blood, will continue to show paths to the thousands of young men and women. Young Bangla has successfully partnered with several ministries, government offices, departments, and several private corporate bodies. The network facilitates meaningful interaction between the youth from different parts of the country, promoting mutual learning and experience sharing. It has also brought young achievers together in a platform that helps them to solve problems and bring about organizational and individual changes.

It delivers a platform where young actors learn to build an active network on their own. These youths can later continue this practice with other private initiatives outside of their known arena to achieve their goals.