Gurukul, Kushtia

Gurukul, Kushtia

A technical education expansion and social development organizations

Gurukul was formed by Bangladeshi & nonresident Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs to focus on skill development among Bangladeshi young people. Gurukul was initially established as a provider but it also encourages young people about the opportunities of vocational and technical education. Gurukul’s target is to make young people ready to join the skilled workforce when they are 20-21 years old or even earlier with the help of short courses.

Success through traditional education in Bangladesh is not noticeable compared to the number of participants. Young entrepreneurs of Gurukul have identified a few reasons behind it. According to Gurukul, learners mislay significant years from their lives during higher education because the education provided to them are not productive and relevant to the job fields. Although they receive a degree, they fail to develop essential employability skills which are required by the employers. The market cannot offer employment to all graduates as the market does not have it if one does not fulfill the requirements. The consequences are severe compromising – unsatisfactory working conditions, drives ordinary people away from skill development as they think it is unaffordable, frustration and other complicated socio-economical problem.

Therefore, along with academic achievement, Gurukul focuses on developing essential employability skills which are equally valuable with education. Gurukul intends to make awareness among rural people about the importance and benefits of skill development.

There are currently 2000 students studying in different sections of Gurukul. Students receive government scholarships every month under the projects of the Bangladesh Government and the World Bank. In Gurukul, there is 1 teacher/guide for 25 students. Besides, Gurukul has Cultural Club, Sports Club, Rover Scout Group, Girl-in Rover, Debating Club, Youth Red Crescent, Math Club, Language Club, Computer Club, Health Club, Blood Bank and Job Placement Cell with ex-students. Gurukul encourages its participants to become a member of these clubs so that they can develop hands-on experience on different socio-cultural issues and social communication skills.

Some of Gurukul’s achievements are:

Since 2007, Gurukul has been working to create skilled and trained manpower in its 5 technical education institutions.

Around 4000 people have been given health advice by Gurukul’s Health Camp

Around 400 women have been trained and financially independent from Gurukul’s sewing training center.

Since 2010 Gurukul has organized 105 meetings on future occupation for high school students and about 15000+ young women were able to attend these meetings.

Gurukul provides free computer training since 2016. Till now 370 students have received this training.

Gurukul has been organizing a special advisory meeting since 2016 in order to make women aware of health issues. Till now more than 7000+ girls and women received this service. 

Gurukul has given training to some 60000 people and provided employment to more than 20000 young women. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to education, Gurukul has won Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2018. To build a well-educated, skilled, working, well-groomed and human generation is Gurukul’s JOY BANGLA!