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[nrgevent_heading title=”Young Bangla”]We are the largest platform for youths in Bangladesh which works to harness their innovation and energy, showcase their successes,
help them grow further and enable them to mold not only their own future, but that of the nation’s.[/nrgevent_heading]
[nrgevent_columns_slider][nrgevent_columns_slider_item title=”Joy Bangla Concert 2016″ image=”485″]The biggest youth focused music extravaganza returns this year, bigger and better. A fusion of music and history will attempt to recreate the historic March 7 at the Army stadium. Be a part of this mega event![/nrgevent_columns_slider_item][nrgevent_columns_slider_item title=”Youth In Nation Building” image=”487″]It is time for the 47.6 million youths to lead the nation’s run for pursuing Vision 2021, the aim to make Bangladesh into a higher middle income nation by the 50th anniversary of our independence.[/nrgevent_columns_slider_item][nrgevent_columns_slider_item title=”Vision 2021 Internship” image=”489″]For the first time, in the country’s history, we opened up the opportunity for youths to do internship at different ministries for achieving real governmental experiences. Now we are extending the scope to the private sector like Microsoft.[/nrgevent_columns_slider_item][nrgevent_columns_slider_item title=”Joy Bangla Youth Award” image=”491″]We search the country to identify, recognize, showcase, connect and support the champions of change. Like a youth who prevented 680 child marriages, we work with young people who bring changes and brave the odds.[/nrgevent_columns_slider_item][/nrgevent_columns_slider]
[nrgevent_heading title=”Our Voice”]Tales of successes of our Joy Bangla Youth Awardees[/nrgevent_heading][nrgevent_carousel_slider][nrgevent_carousel_slider_item title=”Kumar Bishwajit Barman” position=”Anti-Child Marriage Campaigner and Educator” image=”4554″]“At first we couldn’t summon up the courage to urge the parents to cancel the marriage. But our campaign has prevented 686 early marriages.”[/nrgevent_carousel_slider_item][nrgevent_carousel_slider_item title=”Sukanto Gupta” position=”A young cultural activist” image=”4555″]“Cultural practice awakens creativity in human beings. So our organization encourages such practice among teenagers and youths in society”[/nrgevent_carousel_slider_item][nrgevent_carousel_slider_item title=”Bijoy Rudra Paul” position=”An enlightener in a tea garden” image=”4556″]“Most of the days we did not even have three meals a day. I missed my SSC exams for lack of money.  Now saving money from my salary, I am providing over 400 students with scholarships.”[/nrgevent_carousel_slider_item][nrgevent_carousel_slider_item title=”Jhara Moni Biswas” position=”A beacon of hope for children with special needs” image=”4559″]“Differently abled children, if provided with a little care, love and cooperation, can shine and contribute a lot to the society. My organisation is working for the  betterment of 400 such children.”[/nrgevent_carousel_slider_item][nrgevent_carousel_slider_item title=”Faridul Islam” position=”Making World a Better Place for Orphans ” image=”4557″]“While studying, I felt the need to stand beside the orphans. I told my friends that if we could save Tk 20-50 a day, we could help them. With that effort we are taking care of 87 such orphans.”[/nrgevent_carousel_slider_item][/nrgevent_carousel_slider]
[nrgevent_heading subtitle=”7th March, 2016″ title=”Joy Bangla Concert”]The biggest youth focused music extravaganza returns this year, bigger and better. A fusion of music and history will attempt to recreate the historic March 7 at the Army stadium. Be a part of this mega event![/nrgevent_heading]
[nrgevent_heading title=”Canvas”]Our Journey in Pictures[/nrgevent_heading][nrgevent_gallery][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Joy Bangla Concert 2015″ image=”4387″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Rangpur” image=”4389″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Barisal” image=”4449″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Chittagong” image=”4391″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Joy Bangla Youth Award” image=”4392″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Joy Bangla Youth Award” image=”4393″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Gopalgang” image=”4399″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Rajshahi” image=”4403″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Mymensingh” image=”4402″][nrgevent_gallery_item title=”Divisional Meet Khulna” image=”4401″][/nrgevent_gallery]
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