JBYA Achievers Meet

JBYA Achievers Meet

Young Bangla hosted a day-long ‘JBYA22 Network Meeting’ at Santoor Restaurant, Dhaka, on December 28, 2022, with the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2022 achievers. The total number of participants was 25. The meeting’s aims were to get them oriented with Young Bangla, document individual organization journeys, develop their capacity for project proposal writing and effective social media presence, and inspire them to collaborate with each other.

A Collaboration Moment of JBYA 2022 Achievers

The day kicked off with a warm welcome and ice-breaking of the newest JBYA achievers to the Young Bangla network. Professor Roshidul Hasan, Team Lead of Young Bangla, took a session on project proposal writing. Afterward, achievers participated in a group work session where they collectively prepared and presented 4 project proposals related to ICT and social development. YB team provided technical and strategic support to them to prepare proposals. The proposals are:

  • Ensuring climate justice in the coastal region of Bangladesh through ICT capacity building.
  • To modernize the agricultural sector by enhancing the knowledge, information, and technology skills of farmers and connecting them directly to consumers through information technology.
  • Enhancing Research Skills among 100 Undergraduate Students in Bangladesh
  • Provide Mental Health Literacy and Counselling through the ICT platform

Professor Roshidul Hasan Conducting Skill Building Session

Simultaneously, the YB team with the assistance of the creative team interviewed them and recorded their organizational journey stories. The team has documented 25 individual organizations’ profiles that will be used for re-branding and YB creative content development. In the end, there was a session on effective social media presence where they received knowledge on activities showcasing and branding their activities on social media.