Korposhopan Pataton Career Camp is a unique initiative under the Shikka 2 Employment Program (S2EP) organized by Advancing Public Interest Trust (APIT) and supported by Young Bangla. This career camp mainly aims to provide fresh graduates and entrants with the necessary skills for them to become competent candidates in the job market.

So far, a total of five career camps have been organized: two in Jessore (August 26-30, 2016), two in Khulna (August 27-31, 2016), and the last one at the Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre in Savar near Dhaka. The last camp was supported by aamra Companies. The Department of Youth Development (DYD) provided accommodation and venue in line with an MoU signed with APIT. From the 1st camp in Jessore, 20 Young Bangla members got jobs and 20 got the opportunity to do internships under the Vision 2021 Internship Program with aamra Companies and T.K. Group.

In these camps, participants were given training so that they could enhance their capabilities in job search and application, facing interviews, communication skills in English, basic computing and other issues such as career planning, office decorum, team-building, problem-solving, decision-making, time management, organizational policies and management.