Kormoshopan Pataton Career Camp

Young Bangla realizes that the economic empowerment of youth is vital to the advancement of the economy. The Kormoshopan Pataton (KSP) Career Camp a Young Bangla initiative designed in association with Advancing Public Interest Trust (APIT). KSP is designed to prepare graduates for the private sector job market. KSP focuses on the career readiness and employability skills of Bangladeshi youth to connect them with entry-level jobs.

Since its inception, a total of 7 KSP career camps have been organized: two in Jashore (August 2016), two in Khulna (August 2016), one in Savar (January 2017), one in Chattogram (May 2018) and one in Rangpur (July 2018). The first five were residential and the last two were non-residential camps. The participants were mostly job-seeking recent graduates. 300 youth (nearly half being females) received career development training at Kormoshopan Pataton Career camps. 40 youth got internships through collaboration with AAMRA Companies. 6 were later recruited as regular staff of AAMRA.

Through these 3-5 days’ residential and non-residential programs, the participants had a practical knowledge of acquiring the job, professional English usage skills, and basic ICT skills needed for enter-level jobs. Almost 15,000 man-hours of training have been imparted through the camps. Skills for 13 different trades and office-related topics were covered in the training sessions. During the three-day training sessions, participants were explained the “dos and don’ts” of job applications along with the skills for drafting a CV. Practical job interview simulations (with the representatives of several employers) were conducted.

In addition to the topic based training, there was an aptitude test of participants, which helped to get an idea of their knowledge in English reading and writing and mathematical aptitude-IQ before the camp starts. A viva-voice test was administered also. All through the camp participants were under close observation of experts aligned by the requisites of the employers. The compilation of the score was published on a concluding day. The participants were provided with handouts, booklets, and information, which are required to develop skills and enhance the chance of employability as a candidate.