Lets Talk on “Sports for All” at Premier University, Chittagong

Lets Talk on “Sports for All” at Premier University, Chittagong

Young Bangla held its recent Let’s Talk, an interdisciplinary discussion session between policy makers and university students at the heart of Chittagong on 23rd October, 2022. This session was focused on ‘Sports for All’ where policy makers and young leaders discussed and shared their views on mentioned topic with around 360 participants at Premier University Bangladesh.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, M.P. ex-President of Bangladesh Cricket Board, Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change; Sayeda Zakia Noor Lipi, M.P. Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health and Family Welfare; Krishna Rani Sarker, Footballer of Bangladesh Women’s National Football Team and Santwana Rani Ray, Founder of Lalmonirhar Taekwon-Do Association (LTA) and Joy Bangla Youth Awardee put their excellency in answering the questions of the students, as well as took part in fruitful discussions at the Let’s Talk on Sports for All event.

Honourable Vice Chancellor and ‘Ekushe Podok’ recipient prominent scholar, sociologist and sports enthusiast Dr. Anupam Sen conveyed his welcome speech by thanking CRI and Young Bangla for such innovative initiative at his campus. He expects, his students will understand the value of healthy upbringing to build a nation enriched in creativity and humanity.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, M.P. emphasized on ensuring the possibilities of positive outcome in different sports as well as private and public sector involvement in sports development at root-level. He also expects that CRI will carry the words and questions of the students to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

‘’We often lack for the right questions and right issues to discuss in our standing committee. Today, all of you have asked the right questions. We should not hold such an elitist mindset when it comes to sports. Sports is all about equal opportunity on the playground.’’ – Saber Hossain Chowdhury, M.P. 

He also shared his thought of developing primary-level coach and health instructors so they can contribute at primary level. In addition, he mentioned the chance of re-skilling and upskilling the retired players and develop coaching skills in them to enhance manpower.

Sayeda Zakia Noor Lipi, M.P. talked about the challenges of female players as she hopes the international recognitions will make it easier for women to participate in sports more often. She also mentioned the added 10 crore funding to Bangladesh Women’s Sports Association solely for training and development.

Sayeda Zakia, M.P. expands her views on the issue of retired players raised by the students. She answers, – ’Government is already ensuring fund to retired players. In this matter, private and local sponsorships also can make their contribution. I would also want the policy makers to add CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) to this matter.’’

Bangladesh Women’s National Football Team player Krishna Rani Sarkar shared her journey and experience from the beginning to end as a professional football player. She feels fortunate that her family, school authority and local community helped her with continuous support. Krishna Rani adds that continuous short-term and long-term trainings helped the team physically and mentally able to compete at the international level.

‘’As we have won the SAFF Championship, I would like to keep this trophy in Bangladesh for several upcoming years. Besides of competing at the Asian Games and AFC Women’s Asian Cup my dream is to play for FIFA as well.’’ – Krishna Rani Sarkar 

Combat sports specialist Santwana Rani Ray talked on the role and responsibility of local and national media in talent hunting at root-level. She shares with joy that in recent years, Bangladesh government has implemented three primary and high school level combat sports in their physical development curriculum such as rugby, archery and taekwondo.

‘’We have seen much more interest of female participants in combat sports. My sole aim is to give them proper training and facility at root-level.’’ – Santwana Rani Ray

The event was participatory and informative as the students were enthusiastic to participate in such innovative policy discussion event.