Manab Kalyankami Anatalaya, Mymansing

Manab Kalyankami Anatalaya, Mymansing

Serving the cause of humanity is the best form of service to God – there are many who believe in that and act accordingly. Nityananda Goswami Nayan, after years of soul searching, realized he needed to dedicate himself to the service of helpless people living around him.

With the mission to support abandoned, homeless and orphan children, he established Manab Kalyankami Anatalaya (the Human Welfare Orphanage) in 1996. Since then, many orphans have been rescued from the oddest of places for a child to be at – railway stations, tea stalls, and what not – from almost all over Bangladesh. Here, the orphans get healthy food, shelter and education. Caregivers look after them with parental affection. Education for the orphaned children is of utmost importance to ensure meaningful future. At present, 96 orphans are studying in different grades. Many of the former boarders have gone on to get university education. The inmates participate in co-curricular activities such as music, dance, physical exercise, computer training and other outdoor games. Manab Kalyankami Anathalaya has also recently formed a girls’ football team that is participating in various local and national level competitions.

The orphanage has another unit called the Shelter for Widow and Oppressed Women, which, besides being a safe shelter for the destitute women, provides vocational training on tailoring and hand crafts. Some of the former trainees are already started earning a living.

There is the Aniket Briddhyalaya, the old age home for aged women abandoned by families and the society. Several full-time, salaried attendants take care of the elderly boarders. The home authorities arrange regular heath check-ups and other medical services for them.

They also have a charitable hospital run fully by experienced doctors. This hospital is literally a saviour for the people of the local poor communities. It serves up to about 300 patients every day, most of whom come from poor local families.

Young Bangla recognized Manab Kalyankami Anatalaya’s outstanding contribution to the society and humanity by giving the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017. A number of local youths are involved with the orphanage; they want to carry all the initiatives forward.