JBYA Winners’ Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a distinct combination of consultation, coaching, training and counselling. This mentoring will be a reciprocal relationship between JBYA2020 winners and Corporate Partners (Mentoring Partner/Mentor) to gain organizational and professional development. The “mentor” will share knowledge, experience, and advice with JBYA2020 winners or “mentee”.

Mentees will receive valuable advice from mentors that will help them to decide the best course of action in difficult situations effectively. Mentors will also help mentees to identify and achieve the skills required to become successful. Through mentorship, mentees will learn new perspectives, improve their communication, networking and managerial skills. This mentorship program for JBYA200 winners will also help them to build their leadership skills; for example, a better manager, youth mobilizer and team member.


The purpose of this program is to increase award winning organizations’ productivity and sustainability through consultation, coaching, training sessions, counselling, facilitation and guidance by Mentoring Partners.

  • Mentors will help mentees to identify issues facing to achieve their professional and organizational goals.
  • Mentors and Mentees will work together to set mentees’ goals and develop a work plan and session plan.
  • Based on the work plan and session plan, both parties will meet regularly.
  • The mentors will support the mentees to structure the organizational profile, this includes sustainability, branding, and showcasing.
  • Mentees will receive consultation, coaching, training and counselling on organizational development from Mentors regularly. Mentors will provide regular feedback to mentees and evaluate their progress.
  • It will be a one-year program. End of the tenure, Mentors will provide a completion certificate to Mentees. Mentees heave to submit the completion certificate to Young Bangla.
Mentorship Partners:
  • Green Delta Insurance Company Limited
  • Golden Harvest
  • Shakti Foundation