Partnership with Microsoft Bangladesh

With a mission to empower every individual and every organization on the planet in 2015 Microsoft joined hands with the country’s largest youth network Young Bangla and introduced a series of initiatives to contribute to building Digital Bangladesh.



Microsoft–Young Bangla Partnership announced the successful completion of the phase-1 (2015-2019) –

  • 10 self-empowered women from Young Bangla Network Microsoft brand ambassadorship to strengthen and enlarge their initiatives. This ambassadorship is the gateway to the world of technologies and other leveraging facilities needed to upscale the endeavours of these youth entrepreneurs.
  • 2250 intern placement.
  • 400 youth received Service Engineers’ training.
  • 10 Joy Bangla Youth Awardees were equipped with ICT labs.


Microsoft – Young Bangla Internship Program

In 2016 and 2017, 750 Students received this internship opportunity where the top 3 teams received seed funding. In 2018, 600 Students got enrolled in the March batch and 750 More in September Batch. This partnership is celebrating the completion of 2100 Youth enrolment through this Internship program in the Microsoft Young Bangla Summit 2018.

Service Engineering Training

Decentralizing service-based solutions for common technological problems in grassroots Microsoft trained 400 youth throughout the country on Service Engineering.

Tech Hubs

Young Bangla and Microsoft jointly initiated the project to establish at least one Computer Lab in all 64 districts of Bangladesh. Under this project, 12 Young Bangla awardees from 2015 and 2017 received 7 labs from Microsoft Bangladesh. Young Bangla thereafter continued this project with the SBK Foundation by naming it ‘TechHubs.’ By the beginning of 2019, 57 sets of equipment for TechHubs were provided by SBK Foundation. 64 TechHubs are now functional in 64 districts. TechHub coordinators received 3 laptops, 1 scanner, 1 photocopy machine, and a router for service provisions.

The purpose of the project is to advance technological inclusion and to provide equal employment opportunities for the youth at the grassroots. Each TechHub acts as a Business Center/Market Place for ICT products and services. The TechHubs will include cyber café services and ICT training/workshops. Apart from providing ideation and seed funds, these TechHubs intend to offer office space to grassroots start-ups and start-up incubation training from experts. This initiative is connecting TechHubs – with renowned start-ups – in areas of service providers, and skilled human resources.

“I dream of establishing 100,000 Tech Hubs – in all the villages in our country. I want to provide ‘assisted technology’ through community youth leaders to rural residents so that anyone can have access to the internet and technology – be it for an online medical or legal service, online shopping or e-learning.” – Sonia Bashir Kabir, Founder, Chairman and CEO, SBK Tech Ventures and SBK Foundation

In the initial collaboration framework with Microsoft Bangladesh, the first batch of TechHubs organized basic computer skills training, such as Microsoft Office programs. It enhanced the skills needed for freelancing, outsourcing, and IT services among the aspirant youth.

Under the TechHub initiative, more than 200 youths were recruited as a scribe in the international healthcare company ‘Augmedix.’ Through partnering up with ‘Priyoshop’, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in Bangladesh, 7 workshops were conducted in various parts of Bangladesh. The workshops provided e-business training to over 2,000 youths.

The data science team of SBK Foundation will help the TechHub coordinators in collecting data on the needs and challenges of rural citizens. Currently, the startups partnering with TechHubs are Dmoney (FinTech), Dokkho (EduTech), Pulse (MedTech), Uqeel (LegalTech), Digiland (Land Protection) and PriyoShop (e-commerce).

Microsoft Digital Literacy in SRDLs

This partnership has also empowered Government Initiatives like Sheikh Russel Digital Labs where Young Bangla has trained 51000 Students in 46 districts under the Digital Literacy program. 63 Young Bangla Youth Achievers from different organizations and initiatives were made Brand Ambassador of Microsoft including more than 50 female achievers.

Connecting The Grassroots with Successful Start Up

Apart from creating new startups, this partnership has also facilitated existing renowned startups like Augmedix, Sheba xyz, Solshare and Priyoshop.

More than 200 Youth got the opportunity to get recruited as Scribe in Augmedix where the target is set to create 10,000 Micro-entrepreneur across the country through Sheba xyz.


Apart from providing seed funds, only this partnership is going to provide shareable office space under a new platform initiated by Microsoft Young Bangla where they’ll receive 2.5 months of Incubation and 3.5 months of Acceleration with mentoring.

Each One Teach One

This partnership also has a target to increase the number of technological inclusion of women up to 1 crore more in Bangladesh by 2018 through the Each One Teach One program.

Microsoft Young Bangla Platform is looking forward to empowering the E-village initiative. More than 56,000 Young Bangla family members will get a direct benefit from this initiative where Microsoft will provide technical support. Microsoft Young Bangla partnership has just completed its first phase and more amazing opportunities are yet to come for empowering the youth.

Microsoft-Young Bangla Summit 2018: