Neer Sheba Kendra, Jessore

Neer Sheba Kendra, Jessore

There are some brave hearts who start from zero and fly towards infinite. Such a brave girl is Farzana Afroz who hailed from an ordinary family but did an extraordinary job by helping impoverished women and underprivileged children.

She has formed an organization named Neer Sheba Kendra with the aid of volunteers and members of this organization. Neer Sheba Kendra is successfully working on the diverse areas of women issues. One of their major activities is to educate mothers on nutrition, which reduces the risks of child mortality. Neer Sheba Kendra also works for neglected and underprivileged children by providing proper education and work opportunities. In addition, farmers in their locality are provided with various training on plantation and agriculture by Neer Sheba Kendra. Besides, Farzana and her team regularly arrange workshops on the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene, and orientations to prevent human trafficking.

“The Joy Bangla youth award will accelerate our progress and allow us to expand,” said Farzana while receiving the award from Mr. Sajeeb Wazed (Chairman, CRI) in 2018.

Farzana thinks Young Bangla endows her with the opportunity to work for the welfare of our nation. After working on education, health, agriculture, and so on, they are now focusing on the prevention of child marriage, dowry, and domestic abuse. The aim of Neer Sheba Kendra is to bring safety and justice to the vulnerable women and to eradicate poverty from their neighborhood, by working with local governmental and private organizations.

Young Bangla appreciates their contribution and hopes that their work would ameliorate the lives of people, not just locally but also globally as well.