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Spirit of Immortal Joy Bangla still going strong
It’s amazing how a simple two-letter slogan can keep inspiring generations and still go strong even half a century after it was coined. And the overwhelming success of the Joy Bangla Concert 2017, the third of kind in three years, is a testimony of that.
Activation phase of registration completed
Young Bangla, one of the biggest platforms for the youth in Bangladesh, has successfully finished the first two phases of the three-part registration episode for the Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017.
Idea Circle organized in Dhaka
Centre for Research and Information (CRI) organized a day-long “Idea Circle” on April 24, 2017 at the Santoor Restaurant in Dhanmondi, Dhaka as part of the preparation for the upcoming Joy Bangla Youth Award 2017, scheduled for October.
The pathway to promising careers
Qualifying for Dhaka University was a dream-come-true for Shampa Rani Roy. But handsome academic transcripts were not enough for jobs in a highly competitive market. As Young Bangla member Shampa enrolled for a three-day career camp at the Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre in Savar, near Dhaka from January 17-19, 2017.
Reducing inequalities cornerstone of social change
What would you do if you were a parliamentarian? There are many things you could do – try to make sure that there are enough doctors in the villages, expand education facilities for specially-abled children, increase the daily wage of tea-garden workers, improve civic facilities, and so on. But, how about a “doing a good work every day” project?
The making of Digital Bangladesh
How often do we see ourselves really good at doing something that we have started learning as a child? Science also supports this. The best time to start learning something is early years because it is during childhood that human brains are in the best condition to keep something stored for life.
SUKTARA: Showing way like the evening star
Populated almost entirely by working class people who are either fishermen or farmers or salt-factory laborers, Rupsha has never been well off. Poverty has pushed many children in this area to drop out of school. As a result, literacy has never been a strong point for Rupsha either. That is exactly where begins the story of SUKTARA, the Bangla word for evening star, which, like its name, has been showing way to the destitute.
With Living Legends upholding the spirit of Liberation War
On a sulky afternoon in mid-2006, a freedom fighter was beaten up by a group of derailed young men in Dhaka. Hasan Munawar, a student at the then Jagannath College (now a full-fledged university) in Dhaka at that time, thought something was terribly wrong with the way an entire generation had grown up.