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Career avenue in tourism-hospitality
Following the success of placements in the first ever internship program combining public and private sector in Bangladesh, Young Bangla has expanded its Vision 2021 Internship program to the tourism and hospitality management industry.
The Countdown Begins
March is almost here, and it’s that time of the year again when all the rockers get ready to put up their hands together for another Joy Bangla Concert, the biggest annual rock music extravaganza in Bangladesh. So, why is everyone so excited about Joy Bangla Concert?
Revolutionary device to hit production line
The E-Village project, which has the potential to digitalize and therefore revolutionize the way agriculture is being practiced in Bangladesh, is all set to start production of its first sensor device following the successful completion of the pilot phase.
Amplifying unheard voices of youth
One of Young Bangla’s core promises is to amplify the unheard voices of youth and give them a say in the national policymaking dialogue. “Young Bangla Facebook Live” that gives millions of youth an opportunity to go one-on-one with policymakers, has been doing just that.
Young Bangla stars gear up to fire all cylinders
During a Network Meeting in December at Dhaka, a group of youth-led organizations affiliated with Young Bangla came up with ideas to address a host of different social issues such as illiteracy, pollution, violence against women, sports and culture.
Rangatungi girls showing the way
This is the story of a group of brave girls who have been changing the lives of a community by playing football in a remote northerly village called Rangatungi, where football, or any kind of sports for that matter, have always been off limits for girls.
WCWAB: Cricket on the wheels
Have you ever thought that even people with disabilities could play competitive outdoor games in Bangladesh? Despite being on the wheelchair, a bunch of enterprising young men have been proving that they too could play cricket, that too with a lot of ease and significant international success.
BRAVE: Pioneers of AV-based learning
It’s been quite a while that the world has moved towards audiovisual learning methods, and Bangladesh is only beginning to put that method into practice. BRAVE – Be Related to Audiovisual Education – a voluntary online group based in Chandpur district, is one of the pioneers.
Murarichand: Rekindling the Spirit of 1971
Cultural activism has always played a key role in the long quest for freedom. When gallant freedom fighters fought to uproot the Pakistan army, a group of musicians, artists and authors were busy on another front, waging a cultural war.
I Positive: Bringing positive social changes
I Positive encourages local youths to be a part of their initiatives. Interested youth can join as volunteer and take part in different activities. If all requirements are fulfilled, then volunteers are granted full membership.