Policy Café

Policy Café is one of the signature programs organized by the Centre for Research and Information (CRI) that provides a forum for the youth of Bangladesh to voice in policy formulation. It is an avenue of democratic exercises where every young person has the opportunity to share his/her thoughts, opinions and ideas regarding formulation, functions and evaluations of policies. It is a forum for the young generation to be engaged in policy discourses; simultaneously it’s a floor for them to be heard by the policy makers of the nation. So far 10 Policy Cafés were held. 


Key objectives:

• Sensitize communities regarding particular policy issues.

• Identify policy gaps that require immediate attention to address this issue

• Suggest and advocate policy recommendations and actions.


Following policy issues were addressed:

1.        ICT, Education and Employment

2.        Building Digital Bangladesh

3.        Youth Entrepreneurship: The Engine for Growth

4.        Prioritizing Neurodevelopmental Disorders

5.        Youth in Community Development

6.        Redefining Employment


Approximately 3000 youth participated in policy café and contributed to policy formation.

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