Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha

Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha

It seems to be the end of the world for people living in wetlands when flood comes out of the blue and wreaks havoc on crops. Climate change unleashes its scourge on this unique geographical area of the green delta, jeopardizing livelihoods of inhabitants. To conduct an orchestra of efforts to mitigate the effect of climate change and address its critical issues, Kashmir Reza along with some other youths launched an organization titled Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha in 2010.

This organization catalyzed an environmental movement to safeguard the livelihoods during the time of harvest. Alongside, members of the organization launched a seminar with local communities to figure out existing challenges and effective solutions. The organization is all equipped to uplift the wave to the national level.

“The wetland issues can only be solved by listening to the farmers and fishermen of this region. They bear the brunt of climate change and they can offer us the insight. Their voice has to be heard.” said Kashmir Reza. With this motto, Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon shongstha arranges awareness conferences both locally and at district level. They are creating a platform for fishermen and farmers to voice for their problems, needs and demands.

On 11th October 2018, the organization launched the biggest conference, participated by farmers and fishermen in Haor’s history. The conference was inaugurated by the prime minister of Bangladesh via a video conference. Thousands of farmers and fishermen converged on the venue and reflected on the challenges they live with.

The dedication of Haor people are now paying off. The government of Bangladesh has amended the ‘Kabita policy-2017’ following this conference, incorporating demands presented by farmers and fishermen.   

In addition to the regular environmental movement initiatives of Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha, they are also taking up projects and action plans to boost up tourism in the beautiful Haor region. They have arranged a seminar on tourism development of Haor. The policy suggestions from this seminar were later presented to the top policy level.

In 2018, Poribesh O Haor Unnoyon Shongstha has won Joy Bangla Youth Award for their phenomenal contribution to Haor environment and development. This award has helped their stories to be inscribed on the pages of youth ballad and inspire the nation to handle the effect of climate change in unison.