Prothom Surjo Agro Farm, Jessore

Prothom Surjo Agro Farm, Jessore

An Outstanding Initiative for The Education And Service Of Street Children

To know the story of Prothom Surjo Agro firm, the first one must to know the journey of Prothom Surjo Foundation which started in 2010 by two childhood friends Kamrun Nahar Runa and Nasir Uddin Rubel.

The desire to do something for the underprivileged children of Bangladesh, Prothom Surjo Foundation set up an open school for the street children at Paribag road of Dhaka city back in April 2010. After a few years of running the school, Runa and Rubel found that girls skip school with their growing age. As these kids live in the street so security is the topmost priority to ensure their education. From that thought, Prothom Surjo Foundation built up a shelter home named “Our Address” in September 2013. In the beginning, there were 10 street girls at “Our Address” shelter home which now has 22 street girls who are getting all kind of support with security in a family environment.

In order to fulfill the needs of children’s entertainment, relationships and nutritional needs Prothom Surjo foundation started keeping Pigeon, Bajrigar bird, Love bird, and Turkey in a small space of the shelter home. After a year, as the amount of turkey increased very fast, Prothom Surjo foundation took the initiative to set up a separate farm which resulted as today’s Prothom Surjo Agro farm at Jessore.

The objectives of Prothom Surjo Agro farm are to supply healthy protein from grassroots to the national level, to encourage unemployed youth in farming and to create entrepreneur in their community.

The major activities among their regular activities are to ensure quality production and supply of poult, conduct farm management training, provide financial assistance to establish and manage turkey farm, assist new entrepreneurs, consulting services and marketing support to marginal farmers.

One of their biggest achievements is that they have been able to create new entrepreneurs in all the sub-districts of Jessore. To expand the agro-business this farm has now started a small-scale goat farm. After winning the Joy Bangla Youth Award in the innovation and entrepreneur category in 2018, Prothom Surjo Agro farm now dreams to grow bigger and contribute more in social welfare. Young Bangla network encourages young people like Runa and Rubel, who are establishing themselves as entrepreneurs and also contributing to humanity.