Quizards, Dhaka

Young men and women and teenagers all across the globe are increasingly spending time online, looking for entertainment. Hundreds of thousands of sites are catering to the demand for entertainment and education content – together termed as “edutainment.” Unfortunately, there is an acute shortage of quality edutainment content in Bangla. Hence comes Quizards, an online platform, with an aim to narrow this gap.

In 2014, Dipesh Dewan and Shazzad Hossain Mukit founded Quizards, one of the first edutainment websites in Bangladesh that strives to provide quality content in Bangla. It’s a small team of just 11 enthusiastic youth comprising students from renowned universities and colleges. “Today, Quizards hosts hundreds of quizzes on sports, politics, history, science, film, music, books, writers, filmmakers, actors and so on. The visitors have played these quizzes over 40 thousand times,” said Dipesh.

What began as a quiz website, Quizards quickly expanded educational and entertainment articles and info-graphs. The portal – https://www.quizards.co – also hosts fun content such as infographics and stories. “When creating content, team Quizards prefer quality over quantity. “We offer a wide variety and generate content for a mass audience,” said Shazzad.

Currently, the website attracts around 5 to 6 thousand visitors per month. They are working to raise this number to 1-2 lac per month and then go for further expansion. The aim now is to become the best global content hub for Bangla-speaking audiences. Quizards won the Joy Bangla Youth Award in 2017. The award was recognition for creating a Bangla edutainment platform and catering to the needs of the curious youth of Bangladesh.

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