Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra, Satkhira

Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra, Satkhira

Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra was formed at the end of 2013. With 50 volunteers, Mukul Islam started training on the modern and safe mode of shrimp farming under “Solidaridad Network Asia” for the grassroots farmers of Satkhira district. As a result of the training, shrimp production increased in local level. However, there was a challenge to produce international standard shrimp as the price of quality materials is very high for local farmers. As a temporary solution, Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra authorities introduced the farmers to local shopkeepers and companies so that they can directly know each other.  With this initiative, the quality of the production became good, but it was still not enough due to the high price of the materials.

“For the farmers who have played the biggest role in shrimp production, it is not just training they need but we also need to provide solutions for them,” said Mukul Islam. Since then, Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra decided that they will provide quality products and materials to the farmers. Initially, twelve members of Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra has started to deposit 500 taka each month and yearly 5000 as a fixed deposit so that they can secure a fixed amount for materials and production and set the reasonable price of products for their farmers. And this way Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra established itself in social business for the development of shrimp farmers.

Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra did not have to look back after such initiative. They were highly appreciated by local farmers. Currently, the company is working with 5876 members of 109 groups in 4 Unions of Debhata Upazila of Satkhira.

In 2014, the Netherlands Ambassador inaugurated Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra. Along with their ongoing activities, Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra arranges field visit and inspection of the representatives of international companies and shows the quality of shrimp produced by local farmers. In 2015, Bangladesh’s popular program “Mati O Manush” released a documentary on the journey and achievement of Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra. In 2017, they received the Bangladesh Startup Award and in 2018 they won the Joy Bangla Youth Award in the category of Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Safal Chingri Sheba Kendra has successfully represented Bangladesh shrimp farming at national and international level. This firm is a notable example to local entrepreneurs.